A year and full of suprises

Hi there everyone !

Sheesh, long time no see ! It has been almost a month since I have written a proper article ! O_o

Unfortunately I will have to keep it short and sweet once again since I have tons of stuff to do.

All right, I promised an interview with Marie, and it is coming up ! I just want to give us both a tiny break between our huge projects - cuz yes yes, we are in the same program.

Ok, so, what`s new ? Well, I have the pleasure to say that on the 8th of this month, I have celebrated Kirameku`s first year .... !!!! Yay ! I am so glad ! Thank you so much everyone for your love, support and guidance ! :D This is absolutely awesome ! :D

So, let`s sum this up !

Sales : 40
Twitter follower : 283
Blog follower : 61
Items : 58
Heart shop : 411

Youhou ! Almost all of my goals are achieved ! :D I didin`t had enough time to create some more new pieces as I was overwhelmed by orders because of the famous daily finds in wich I was featured ... ! * Dances in joy *

All right ! So, what do I have in stock for you ? Lots of new beads ! My drawers are almost all empty so I have to fill them up, and once this is done, I`ll be able to put all my items back on sale and much more ! :D Got Diotric Glass Bracelets coming up, giveaways and winter and fall themed items ! :D Yay !

All right, but all that is in bewtween my classes, so let`s all cross our fingers so I will have time to create new pieces as fast as I wish I can ! :D

All right ! Also, thank`s a lot to Krista`s lovely review of the flower paper earrings, we have a winner ! Congrats ! She has won a pair of Silver Flower Earrings, summer edition ! :D

All right ! That`s about it for today ! :D

I just want to post the Revised columbine artwork finished so you guyz can compare with the work in progess ! :P

Original Watercolor - Revised Columbine

Once again, thank you so much !

Take care everyone ! :D

* M *