Weekend project

Hi everyone! :)

I apologize if things have been slow these past few weeks, I have been stuck in both personal issues and managed to catch a nasty cold that left me in bed for days.

Health is coming back slowly but surely - thank God - and I was able to shoot a few new Berry rings that I had created back in January and start editing and posting them on my Etsy store.

My energy levels are still a bit low so I focused this weekend on a more relaxed project and picked up my paintbrushes and started this wonderful watercolour. The artwork is almost done, I still have a few touch ups to make here and there, but this painting was made for my craft shows for 2015. I'm still planning to make 3 shows this year, although I have 1 or 2 shows that I have yet to decide where to apply.

My latest watercolour piece, with highlights of wonderful metallic inks!

My dilemma is mostly a question of timing as me and my wonderful boyfriend will move to a bigger apartment this year. I have many ideas in mind, and that would mean new displays and all, but I would rather get those projects started once we've moved and settled in. We have many reasons for looking for a bigger place, but the most exciting one is that we are looking for an extra room to be converted in a real atelier...!! I'm so excited and I don't even know where to start on how to organize it and how to make it my own, but I have to remind myself first, we have to find the venue. Then I can dream about turquoise walls and white shelves ;)

On this everyone it will be a busy next week scouting apartments but no worries I'll keep you all updated. And since I don't have any new updates for Kirameku, I decided to not send a newsletter for February.
Have a great week guys!


February mood board

Hi everyone! :)

I hope you are ready for your Valentines day! February in Montreal is one of the coldest months of winter and I thought I would share with you my mood board for this month full of love and bring some warmth in this very cold winter of 2015.

Feeling inspired? Share your thoughts and tell me what you love the most in February! :)