Vernissage ! :D

Good evening everyone ! :D

I just want to take a few minutes to announce a very important news ! :D I am finally graduating from the Illustration and Design program, from Dawson College, Montreal !!!

It was a trip that was full of ups and downs as we faced different problems and happy suprises along the way. It will be this upcoming May 25th, at 6hpm, at Dawson College, on the third floor cafeteria. ( For those who came to Artist in Bloom this year, it will be at the same place. ) It is located at the Atwater subway station and there will be clear indications at where the event will take place.


Oh messy April....

Good evening everyone !

I am taking a small break from a more than crazy couple of weeks to give you a few updates.... O_x

Although the media burried Japan with the election news up here, it still needs your help. I could not believe my eyes when I say that there was so much ``problems`` on Etsy associated with that cause. Although I am certain that there is a lot of good-hearted Etsians, some of them are criticizing the donations via sales and, although they had fair points, I still believe that people should try. I any cases, they made one good point clear : the fastest way to help out Japan is by making a donation yourself.

I`ve tried to have any update on the link I gave in my latest post, but it took an awful lot of time before we could have any type of access to that association. Although now the messages have been translated in I believe more than 10 languages, and the artist took part in the help trips and he relates bits and pieces of what he saw and how the organisation went. You can read more here.
There is a Red Cross association in every country and I believe it is still accessible via paypal. If you haven`t made any donations yet, I strongly suggest that you do. Japan and other countries need your help.

On a totally different note.... Here`s an update about my life... well, if you can call that a life lol, a minimum of 77h a week... O_x

April is a hectic month so far, even more than the beginning of the semester. I took part in a charity event at Dawson college, named Artist in Bloom, where artist are invited to paint live for two hours and give their artwork for auction to help fundraising money for different associations. This year`s charity went to the students in need. A good friend of mine was kind enough to take pictures of my work at almost all the steps, so I will be able to show you guyz my artistic process ! :D

It was a huge deal for me to paint this time something as complex, as I usually take at least 10 hours to complete a detailed painting. So yep, from 2 to 10, there is such a huge difference ! O_o

The preparation for the Vernissage is slowly heading in the right way, we are still putting the final touches on our last projects of our degree.

My month of May is already so booked I barely can remember all that I have... so I'll cross my fingers to be able to drop a few lines here and there, and I also want to add up a few creative projects that you can do at home. So if there is anything you would like to know - painting tips, demos, project ideas... feel free to ask ! :D

On this, I have to run back to my paintings - I have 10 watercolors to finish up by this wednesday... T_T

Oh ! I almost forgot, on a more joyful note, I will be attending the Dawson Craft Fair again this year ! It will be on the 28th of April, at Conrads. You`ll be able to get exclusive deals and get a peek at the full Spring Collection ! :D

On this, for real, have a great day everyone !

* M *


Simply.... irrationnal... !

Good evening everyone !

It is with a sad heart that I am writing this brief article about the disaster that is going on in Japan as we speak. I was listening to the news live on BBC with my morning class last Friday, and kept staring at the screen, not being able to process the image to a rational thought.

I just kept saying to myself : this can`t possibly happen... ! And still now I can`t believe it... I will personally make a donation to help out those in needs in Japan, and I am trying to find the best way to do so since so many accounts and help funds have been created, it is such a puzzle ! And yet, unfortunatly we have to be super careful not to get robed. Some minds are really twisted...

A great Japanse artist that I admire have wrote very inspiring words that I invite you to read : Gackt Dears, Show Your Heart, along with more informations. He has set up an emergency fund, wich right now I believe can only be accessed by people who are able to read kanji.

I am still trying to figure out the details of how a donation can be made, since there is a barrier of language / translation and the bank access is still not granted for outsiders. As soon as this access will be granted, I will make a donation to help them out. Hopefully, paypal access will be availible.

Meanwhile, there is other shops that are giving up donations through sales, you can find their items here.

I am sending positive thoughs, love and prayers to Japan.

* M *


Moo, Love & Green

Good morning everyone ! :D

I take a few minutes this morning to tell you all about my precious brand new buisness cards, that were finally delivered to my house this week.

I was super lucky, as both Etsy and Moo have a wonderful partnership and made for sellers a wonderful deal...

We were offered a 50 free buisness cards - like, Omg ! - since we were sellers on Etsy. No need to say, I had discovered Moo`s last promotion too late, as they were giving away 250 buisness cards about a year ago, to anyone who was asking for them. The only thing I actually had to pay so far, was the shipping, wich was pretty cheap, about 6-7$ for Canada.

The only thing was, I had to wait for a long time because of the shipping option I had chosen, and it would take about a month for them to get to me. I loved the cards so much, I wanted to have them right away ! :D

And of course, I was super happy to see that Moo offered a green version of the cards, so we can be more eco-friendly with a 100% recycled buisness cards. Cuz yeah, 50 buisness cards is a lot of paper, so imagine 500... ! The paper turned out to be thick and nice, with a nice effect and is very soft to the fingers, it has a smooth, yet a bit cardboard like texture.

Moo had a wonderful after sale service, as the confirmed my order, offered me a short, but oh so reasonnable time span to modify my cards, if I ever had the need to. The also sent me an email telling me that my cards were ready and that they were about to ship. In the end, I only had to wait for a bit more than 2 weeks to get my cuties ! I was really suprised of how fast the process turned out to be, as I would have suspected a huge amount of orders, especially because of Etsy`s promotion.

To make the cards were a piece of cake. Although I would simply underline that it was a bit hard to crop the images exactly like you wanted, but in the end I am super happy with the result. I came in a wonderful packaging, wich I will let you discover by yourself, and I also ordered a free sample of everything that they make.

The samples are awesome, so is the choices of papers and size. I just love how Moo indicates where you can add your design and to what extend is the product customisable - if that is even a word lol ! They indicate wich type of paper the sample has been printed on and gives you one sample wich a picture and one with colors so you can actually see the quality of the print.

My opinion ? I just fell in love with Moo twice ! I love how this compagny is fun, funky,simple, helpful - they have buisness stories to help you out when you are starting , great tips and examples of how you can use their products in different ways - and treats it`s customers like a princess ! :D

So, needless to say my friends, I totally recommand Moo if you ever need to have anything printed out ! :D

On this everyone, have a wonderful Valentine`s day week-end ! :D

* M *


Made with love for you ! :D

Good evening everyone !

After a crazy day at school, here I am to bring you good news ! :D

Yesh, like I talked about yesterday, I have a giveaway that is going to start tomorrow, on Krista's amazing blog ! She launches a ``Handmade with love`` giveaway with more than one shop participating at once ! :D
So yep, that means more goodies for all ! :D

And I am super proud to announce that Kirameku is part of it ! :D

So, what can you win ? Hum, good question ! :D
Let me show you...

This necklace is a mix of soft pink and neon pink for a gorgeous and lovely effect !

And yes, it is an exclusive Valentine`s giveaway piece ! :D

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The chain is 24 inches long and the necklace is worth 30$. All the metal is silver plated, lead and nickel free.

If you want more goodies, please stop by my shop and I would be happy to have one custom order made just for you ! :D

So that`s it for today folks !

Best of luck to everyone ! Giveaway ends on the 6th of Febuary.

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I just had to fall in love... with a plush !

Good evening everyone !

Aïe aïe, here I thought that the beginning of the semester would be easy on us... Oh I was so mistaken... ! Anyways, I spare you the details ! It is really a lot of fun and we have great projects, it just that they require extra cares this time...

Anyways, one of our teacher send us on a small one hour trip to check out what was in style in fashion - wich was pretty easy since the school is downtown - since we are designing this great fashion ad ( yayyyyy !!! )... eurhm, eurhm.... so, yep, we randomly entered a couple of shops around Ste-Catherine and we came across this shop

* picture taken by Cederic Sam, from Flickr, all right reserved, found at this website

This place is awe-some ! It has all types of cool clocks, asian inspired products, clothes, jewelry, hand bags, lamps... pretty much anything you can think of ! It is inspired a lot from Asia and they have there various toys and gadgets that are as original as awefully cute and useful ! Who said that useful had to bo boaring ?!

The prices go from any range, allowing you to pamper yourself and put a bit of funky pretty much anywhere, from your office to your living room, or bedroom.

Here is with what I fell in love with....

This super cute little coussin is only 19.99$ ... !
Isn`t that great ?! He is now my new sofa-gate-keeper ! :D

Althought I bought that last blue one, what happens a lot in that shop is that they have a huge variety of items, but they don`t have a lot of them. When I first visited the place, it had just opened, they had cool toys but not so may cool stuff for a house, as what they had that ``wowed``-you was pretty expensive, for a student that is.

So, if you want to find cool, original items, that`s where you go ! They also have a more ``geeky`` items, like a really cool transformer clock. But remember, they don`t have a lot of those items, so grab them before they are gone ! :D

That`s it for today folks ! :D

Also, remeber to follow me on twitter to grab exclusive discounts, items of the day or sneek peaks ! :D

I will post more details about it later on, but this week Kirameku will have a necklace giveaway in partnership with Heavenly Savings ! :D

Have a great day guyz !

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Resolutions and hearts ! :D

Happy New Year everyone ! :D

Yes, 2011 is here ! Ouf !

I don't know about you, but the Holidays got me running ! Right now everything is back to normal, so I will be starting school soon.... yep... and my hours at work are more regular... Fiouf ! So right now I am doing a bunch of stuff that was supposed to be done ages ago, but, oh well... You know how it is right ? Stuff always come up and you end up pushing back on some projects and then, first thing you know, it has been months !

So yep, I took my resolutions, what about you ? I send you my best wishes and I hope that this year you - and me - will be able to fufill these resolutions ! :D Hurray for exercise and healthy eating lol ! We'll see how it goes, but last year was pretty hard with the awefully crazy schedule I had at school... X_x Yikes ! I hope 2011 will be a bit smoother !

I want to do so many things in my shop, and well... I had that thought for a while and I really want to make it work for 2011. I want to help out, in a way or another, may it be a social cause or an environmental one, I think that since I am pretty sure now to keep Kirameku open, I should bring it to another level. At first, I had to do all the math - and I still have some more to do... euruh.... - and see if I could afford to keep the door open and all, and I am super happy to say a big YES ! :D

So there you go ! Not only did I open my shop for the sake of making women feeling pretty - cuz pretty is only a state of mind that tags along with happy ! :D - for decent prices and funky creations, but also for the love of beautiful things and art; I wanted to share my passion with all of you. I am super happy about the comments I had these days about my customers that took the time to send me an email to tell me how much they loved my designs and how hard it was to choose only one... !

Ok, but I am getting lost in thoughts here lol. All that is important, but my actual point is : I want to make things change, little by little.
Although Kirameku is slowly but surely growing, I can't do anything super big unfortunately, but I have a couple of ideas in mind that should be launched around Valentine's day, so we'll be able to feel pretty for a cause ! :D

I am such an addict of treating myself with something that has a cause behind it ! I prefer so much to encourage someone or some kind of change so my money will actually be used wisely. So here it is, in sneek peaks and in big lines ! I sure still have a lot of research to do but hey, I am almost there ! :D So if you guyz have any suggestions, I am very open to it ! Please feel free to introduce me to an organization that you have to heart ! :D

On another note... Enough of serious talk ! Let's have some fun ! :D

Here's my first discovery part of 2011 :D

I just fell on that adorable wedding website Style me Pretty while surfing this afternoon, and just the very first acticle had me day dreaming over the pictures ! This is one of the best and cutest idea I have ever seen for a wedding. The pictures are gorgeous and the couple, simply adorable ! I just had to mention it ! :D

Here's the link ! :D

There you go everyone ! :D

Now I have to run to work !

Take care ! :D

* M *