Creating displays for craft shows

Hi everyone!

As i mentionned in past posts, the craft fair time of the year is almost here and each year I tweak my booth layout and try some new techniques to improuve my presentation. I thought after the success of My top 15 tips for a successful craft show blog post, I'd share with you my tips and techniques! I know many of you have attended craft show but never did one yourself. You can always imagine there's a lot of work involved, but I don't know about you, but I find the behind-the-scene stories sometimes as interesting as the result, I simply love to hear about an artists research! :) I then see their creation in a different light and appreciate much more their craft by doing so. So here we go...!

When I'm working on a displays for a craft show, I'm always asking myself, WWID (what would IKEA do)? Their designers always come up with some awesome ideas that inspires me. I'm sure we can agree that what we all love from IKEA's is it's multifunctional uses of one simple item. It is a quality that I'm always looking for in my displays. But other criteria are very important, like I'm all for hidden storage, and make sure the displays are light weighted since the weight adds up quickly. One of my biggest challenge is have a display that can be easily taken apart for easily and quickly  for fast packing for after the show. I also do my best to prioritize displays and materials made from sustainable sources or recycled materials.

I'm always wondering if there is something I already have that I can re-use or tweek for the next year show. For example, last year at La Grande Bijouterie I used a square shelve that was decorating my atelier and that made a great tiny shelve for my new bags. Can you recognize it in the picture below?

Kirameku's booth at La Grande Bijouterie in Sherbrooke in 2014

Kirameku's booth at Henryville's craft fair in 2014 

It's not always easy to mix and match displays. As you can see on the left on the picture below, I didn't used enough height in my table layout and my beautiful handmade necklace stand ends up being covered visually by my metal rack display for my earrings. So, this is a point I'll be fixing in 2015.

On my booth table, you could find cute rococo frames that I saved from being thrown away and with a bit of felt and, transformed them into elegant necklace displays. The 2 tiers display for my exclusive pre-wrapped gift for my craft show is a stylish fruit basket that hadn't been used in our kitchen for years. I long to find some vintage pieces as my displays, and while I always keep my eyes open, I hadn't find the right piece just yet. Some of my levellers are actually sturdy boxes in which I carry some overstock or extra packaging supplies.

On my table you can also find all the price tags, bags labels, earrings cards and gift tags, necklace packaging and shop coupons handmade by me. I designed, printed, cut and folded them by hand one by one.  Right now I'm working with my father on some new presentation displays for necklaces and earrings sets as I will at least double my selection.

And as you can imagine, all this goes in plus of crafting all the pieces that will fill those lovely displays, as well as submitting my work to craft shows with the right demographic.
So whenever you pass next to my booth and wonder why I am beaming happy, well it is all because my year of hard works puts a smile on your face and sparkles in your eyes! :)

So, to sum it up, whenever you are crafting a display for a show, you should look for :
*Hidden storage
*Light-Wighted materials
*Easily taken apart

On this everyone, I hope you will see the artist's booth in a different light! I'll leave on this as I have still have plenty to do! I wish you all a marvellous weekend and I will be back with some more news soon. And don't forget to come meet me at Henryville's craft show September 12 and 13!
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Craft Show work for 2015

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! Here in Longueuil, your favorite crafter have been working super hard in some new additions for the 2015 craft shows!

I'm very pleased to be going back to the Henryville craft show this year and I'm still waiting on a few confirmation for the upcoming shows in a few months but no worries, you will be the first to know!

My table display is still under revision and I can't wait to post some final pictures! But until all of my supplies orders come in, I've been busy creating some new jewelry pieces.

So here is the countdown so far :

Jewelry made with Swarovskis Elements

* 20 rivoli studd earrings
* 21 Dangleling Crystal Earrings
* 4 limited edition Swarovksi crystal pendants
* 8 Mother of Pearl Earrings with new Swarovksi crystal colors

The gorgeous new Crystal Earrings collection with Swarovski rivolis.
Can't wait to have them? Pre-order them now! Just leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you! :)

Berry Collection

* 15 pendant necklaces and earrings sets
* 5 necklaces with silver leaves
* 10 new Berry ring colors uniquely for the craft shows in 2015

The lovely Montana Blue Berry Necklace from Kirameku!


* 12 Dangle & Drop with diotrich glass
* 15 Dangle & Drop with glass rondelle - restock
* 10 Chinese Crystal special edition

Wow, what a list...! There will be plenty more to come, but I hope I got you all intrigued and excited about the craft shows for 2015! :)

On this everyone, I'll wish you all agood evening! And please, let me know which item you look more forward to in the comments below!
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Crystal Earrings Giveaway!!!

Hello there! :)

I hope you are all as excited as I am about this sparkling giveaway....! 
It is very simple, there are many ways for you to gain extra entry points with this giveaway and one easy mandatory question : How would you describe your personal style?

Contest ends on August 9th and is open internationally, you only need to be 18 years and older to enter it.

It is my first time using the Gleam app for a giveaway, hoping to make it all easy for you!
Feel free to leave feedback on your experience...!

So without further introductions, here is the Giveaway, click below to get to the contest page :

Swarovski Dangle Earring Giveaway

Can't wait to have your own pair of dangling crystal earrings? You can find the entire collection here, including a custom option!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and best of luck! :)

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