Goodbye Montreal, Bonjour Longueuil!

Hi everyone! :)

Wow, long time no see...! It's a bit sleepy and exhausted, but terribly happy that I write to you today! As you know, me and my marvelous boyfriend moved the first weekend of this month. We said goodbye to our tiny Montreal apartment to move into our luxurious and wide apartment in Longueuil...!

We still can't believe how lucky we were to be able to have put our hands on this lovely apartment! The place itself is very well located, peaceful, quiet and packed with trees, flowers and the cutest townhouses! :) We were sad to leave Montreal as it was where we both grew up and I don't think I'll ever be able to replace the special place Montreal has in my heart with its vibrant, colorful crowd and events. And its not as if I was saying goodbye forever since I'm still working in Montreal during the week. I'm glad to see her buzzing with life everyday; but coming home to some peace and quiet is really quite soothing and so very welcome.

The gorgeous peonies that are now growing in our backyard...!!

And as for the Kirameku side of things, you ask? I'm sad I wasn't able to reach my 100 items goal by the end of May. I must admit I miscalculated how much time it would take us to pack all our stuff. Agreed, I'm 70% responsible for this as my love for art and cooking translates into lots of mediums, different type of paints as well as specialized molds and cooking gadgets. So between work/packing/Etsy promoting I simply ran out of time and eventually out of sleep... :( I also made a few sales in between all this so some Berries have not been renewed just yet but not to worry, I will restock and post new items this very weekend! :)

As for the atelier, I won't be able to post pictures just yet. We focused on getting everything out of the boxes and will rearrange that room later. So the atelier is still at a rough state with a few boxes left to be unpacked.

But, I focused on the important part : my computer and Etsy shop are up and running!! All my jewelry supplies have been unpacked. So I'm ready to craft again! :) So yes, the long awaited Caribbean Blue Berry and custom Swarovski earrings will be available in a matter of days! :)

On this, I want to thank you all for your patience and I hope you will have a wonderful end of week!
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