Baie St-Paul my love!

Hi everyone! :)

As I've mentionned a few post back, Kirameku took a very short but well deserved vacation an so last week, we jumped in the car and I was eager to empty my head and find new inspirations and ideas to focus on as much for my jewelry as for my artwork.

With my adorable boyfriend, we visited Baie Saint-Paul in the Charlevoix region, a lovely little town near la Malbaie, about 3 hours and a half from Montreal. I have to say, we both fell in love!
A quick view from Baie Saint-Paul from one of the numerous stops along the way.

The fresh air and amazing landscapes were such a pleasure and a feast for the eyes. We loved the vintage houses and decadent proprieties that we encountered along the way and we satisfied our love of food and fresh local products. We slept at L'Auberge de la Grande Maison, where the shabby chic of the antique house was simply adorable! Their newly added spa might be small but was quite welcomed after our long ride from Montreal to Baie Saint-Paul or after a long day of walking outside. The owners were kind and friendly people and told us they renovated all by themselves over the years and I have to say they did a heck of a job, bravo! The little inn is located not very far from all the attractions from Baie Saint-Paul and from various delicious restaurants. Our short journey to this auberge was peaceful and it was easy to travel to anywhere we wanted to go, either by foot or by car. What more could we have asked for? Maybe a few more days to the trip, but we were blessed with beautiful weather and a cool breeze.

The gorgeous view while we were waiting for the boat to take us to l'Isle-aux-Coudres

We took a day to visit l'Isle-Aux-Coudres and although there's not a lot to do on the island, we enjoyed the freshly baked buns at la Boulangerie Bouchard and the view all around the island was simply amazing…! Seeing landscapes just like those in Charlevoix makes me proud and so happy to be from Quebec! This is my home and it's a beautiful one! Please, stop by our little place of paradise that is Quebec! You definitely won't regret it! :)

On this everyone, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I have to run for now as I have to stop dreaming and get busy busy for the upcoming Henryville Craft Fair! I'll be back very soon with all the details. Meanwhile don't forget to take a look at  Kirameku's Facebook page for some sneak peaks! :)

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Etsy Canada : the results are in

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! :) Mine has been quite busy (and a tad stressful) as you can imagine. I was waiting anxiously Friday night, as Etsy Canada was sending out their replies to the Montreal fair application.
And so… the results were in… And Kirameku didn't make it.... Snif snif. There's 60 spots for the artisans at the Montreal fair and Montreal is quite a creative town and is full of talent, although I was really surprised Kirameku wasn't selected. I'm still waiting on some feedback on this point but my guess is that there's a ton of great jewelry makers and those spots fill in fast as jewelry making is quite popular.

Our Frosted Blueberry necklace is finally out! It will be perfect for any occasion! 
I'm sorry guys, I really wanted a booth to an Etsy event and meet you all as well as my fellow crafter's. I keep my fingers crossed that the Etsy Made in Canada event will become a regular and yearly event. You can be sure that I'll do my best to go visit the show and will keep you posted with the details.

But if you wanted to stop by a Kirameku's exhibit,  no worries! My craft shows aren't done for this year! :) Next on the list is Henryville on September 13 and 14. Yep that's pretty much around the corner! I have plenty of ideas and I will be launching a new type of goodies exclusively for my craft shows. Also I've been working on some new packaging since those goodies will be bigger then what I usually sell at craft shows. I can't wait to post some pictures and have your feedback! :)

On this everyone, I'm leaving you on that suspense! I have to run for now but not before I wish you all a great week! :)