My new promotion : Friday Flash Sales!

Well, how about I spoil you a little? :)

I had the opportunity a few days ago to listen to the wonderful Mei Pak conferences at Creative Live and her seminars gave me plenty of ideas for Kirameku.

It is with a head full that I crafted my latest promotion; the Friday Flash Sale. I figured that a rebate is always welcomed, especially during the Holidays with all the gifts and extra foods that are on our shopping list. So, every Fridays until the 27th of November, there will be a Flash Sale on my Facebook page.

The concept is fairly simple.
I'm currently adding new items at Kirameku's Etsy shop, like special gift sets and necklaces for the Holidays. I'll be releasing my best pieces on those special events and will put them at a special price so you can pre-order them. 

Here is the Flash sale of last Friday. Get this wonderful set here!

During those limited editions sales on Facebook page, you simply have to comment ''sold'' to get the deal of that day. I will send you a private message requesting your email address for the Paypal invoice and voila! 
The sales will run from 7ham till midnight, EST.

Wish to get exclusive sneak peeks?  Simply join my mailing list here!
The infos will be sent on Thursday night. 

So, are you ready? My next Flash Sale is on for Friday 30th!
See you all there :)
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October Project Countdown

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a marvellous month of October! Here, it is vey busy and I hope you all took the time to stop by and enter my exclusive Bath Tea Giveaway from Pretty Momma Beauty, it is ending tomorrow. So, meanwhile, what is up with Kirameku you are asking? Well, many, many things! :)

Good Shepherd School's 4th Annual Holiday Craft Fair : On November 7, I will be attending for the fist time this craft show, I can't wait to see how it will go...! My table will be filled with new colors in the Swarovski Earrings and as well as new Berry Necklaces and Berry Gift Sets. Mark your calendars and get all the info here, I can't wait to meet you there!

The lovely short Swarovski Earrings for my next craft show!

Bridesmaids Gift Sets : Finally, this long-awaited project will see the light! :) I've just got my beautiful pearlescent tags from the printer this week, I hope you like them as much as I do! I will be listing about 2 to 4 sets before the end of the year, depending on how busy I will be processing Holidays orders. For now, I must finish two lovely custom necklaces before tending to this long-awaited and exciting project.

The lovely pearl tags for my new bridesmaids gift sets!

New Gift Sets : As you all know, the Holidays are getting closer every day. Kirameku is getting ready as well and I wanted to introduce some new and glamorous set, as this lovely Midnight BlueBerry Necklace & Crystal Set! With my new packing, it is ready for gift giving, may it be for your best friend or to treat yourself! :) Stay tuned for more beautiful and elegant gift sets!

Love this new glamorous Berry Necklace & Crystal Earrings set! Buy it here!

Flash Sale on Facebook : Before listing some exclusive items on my Etsy shop, I want to give you the chance to pre-order them at a reduced price before doing so. It is a great way to get a quick rebate on limited editions and start your Holiday shopping without breaking your budget! Simply follow my Facebook page to get all the info and get access to these special sales!

Working on an exciting Holiday promotion : I love to spoil you as often as I can, and usually, I can do a bit more by the end of the year! I'm working on a new sale concept for Black Friday and I will be announcing it through my newsletter and my Facebook page. Stay posted, it will be epic! :)

For those of you who are already shopping for the Holidays, here are my deadlines for shipping your orders in 2015. 

Here are the shipping deadlines for 2015 as provided by Canada Post for REGULAR shipping :

CANADA : December 17
USA : December 9
EUROPE : December 1st
ASIA : December 1st
AUSTRALIA : December 1st
MIDDLE EAST : December 1st

On this everyone, I hope you will have a great weekend and are almost done getting Halloween ready! :) See you all soon!
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Giveaway and interview : Pretty Momma Beauty

Hi everyone!

I have a wonderful surprise for you today, a beauty giveaway!
I met Ekatrina in the Etsy forum and she was very kind in offering to send one set of her amazing Raspberry Black Bath Tea. I was very curious about her product, especially when she mentioned it is real tea mixed with magnesium, salts. The tea bad holds the leaves together so it will be an easy clean up after a relaxing, skin rejuvenating and soothing bath.

RaspBerry Black Tea Bath Giveaway by Pretty Momma Beauty

But, as amazing are her products, I wanted you to learn more about this impressive lady behind the small natural shop of Pretty Momma Beauty.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ekatrina

Tell us about yourself and how all your Etsy adventure started :
I am a cell biology PhD student in the process of graduating and beginning my career as a professor. I started my first Etsy shop about halfway through my graduate career as a birthday present to myself. It has been a nice outlet for my creative energies in the midst of a demanding school load.

What pushed you to start your own beauty product line?
This shop began when I wanted to make bath salts for myself. I grew up in a home invested in natural and healthy products, so it was a short jump to combine that expertise with my scientific skills. The very first product I made was the mustard milk bath salts, which I formulated to combat muscle pain and tension. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop, and I eventually opened this shop in order to share my products with a wider audience.

From the start, my products have been about providing tools to create a naturally healthy, beautiful you. Because of the demands on my time, I have been terrible about daily beauty upkeep. Once I started making my own products, I began to research and concoct products to help restore and repair my appearance. I formulated products that I found worked well, and so had to share those too. Because I need good value from the time I spend on myself, all my products are carefully formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients to maximize their effectiveness.

What inspires your collections?
My collections begin with an idea. For instance, I began my mud mask line in response to my search for something to reduce the appearance of my pores. Once I have an idea for a product type, my next question is “What other problems could this medium solve?”. So, in the mud mask example, I began expanding the concept to products that help maintain skin firmness, deal with inflammation, and provide deep-cleaning and detoxification benefits to help provide clear skin.

What is your process for your products?
When I start out to create a product, I begin by reading as much as I can about the process that produces the problem I want to solve and about how modern and traditional products go about addressing the problem. From that reading, I create a list of potential ingredients annotated with the mechanism of action of each. Then I research each ingredient intensively for safety and effectiveness, as well as to get an idea of which products would work well together. I create a prototype recipe designed to incorporate a diverse and synergistic ingredient list, then I go through repeated rounds of testing (on myself) and refinement for function and usability. The final product is what ends up in my shop. 

Are your products sold in boutiques or craft shows?
My primary outlet is online, although I have taken my products to a craft fair. I enjoyed the face to face interaction and direct feedback of the craft fair, so I hope to be able to do more of them after graduation. My products are not in a brick and mortar yet, but I am on the look-out for locations that would be a good fit. I’ve also been refining my packaging to reflect the professionalism and quality of my product, which is important in brick-and-mortar sales.

Can you tell us more about your Bath Tea Collection?
My bath tea collection is extensive, and primarily off-menu at this point. I have a wide variety of herbal and black teas, as well as a few more unusual options. My Roobios bath tea is especially refreshing, and my lavender mint bath tea is a favorite among returning customers. All of my bath teas are pre-packaged for easy clean-up and also contain magnesium salts to promote well-being. I will be working on bringing more of these teas into my regular offering once the craziness of my current transition period has passed. In the meantime, I am delighted to accommodate requests!

How long does it take you to develop a new serie of product?
The time it takes for me to develop a new product is directly proportional to how busy I am! :) Some products require minimal rounds of refinement and are ready to meet customers quickly. Other products, such as one particularly luscious conditioning treatment I have developed, require significant research to translate into a shelf-stable, easy-to-use product. (It’s been over a year since I made my first batch of that particular product, and it still isn’t ready to go to market. My hair, however, has greatly benefited from the research process.)

What’s next for PrettyMommaBeauty in 2015?
I have an extensive list of products to roll out in the next year. I have a very nice deep-conditioning moisturizer that is ready to go to market. It just needs final packaging decisions and photographs. I also want to elaborate on the idea and create a lighter moisturizer for those who live in warmer climates or who have more naturally moist skin. I also have an herbal detangling spray that has passed all my usage tests and needs to make its way into my shop. I have vegetable-based blush that will be ready once I standardize shades, and have initial recipes for complimenting lip products. I want to create liquid shampoos and bath gels from my bar soap recipes, which should be a fairly quick process once I obtain the necessary supplies. I also want to develop a magnesium-based deodorant, as I think that would work better than the salt crystal I currently use. What would you like to see in my shop??

If you weren’t making beauty products, what would you be making :
If I wasn’t running Etsy shops in my spare time, I’d be reading, embroidering, or tutoring. In addition to making bath and beauty products, I love doing graphic design and creating jewelry. I’m also an avid treasure-hunter at resale shops.

If you could live anywhere in the world...?
If I could live anywhere in the world….I don’t know. I like my current home, but would love to go someplace warmer in the winter. My favorite European country is Italy, but I want to visit China, and Spain, and Russia, and the Italian Alps, and see more of France… Home is where the heart is, but I love to learn about other cultures and meet new people too.

You can follow Ekatrina on Twitter here or on Tumblr
And, you can enter the giveaway at the top of the article! :)


Puces Pop 2015 - Belated review and Coups de Coeurs

Hi everyone,

my apologies, I was supposed to write this article a couple of days ago.... Let's just say that things in my life have taken quite an unexpected turn. Let's cross our fingers and hope it will be for the best.

In any cases, I hope you all had the chance to visit the Megapuces from Puces Pop this year! They went all in and filled 14 000 square foot of pure creativity with around 140 amazing artisans. 

When I stopped by on Friday night it was crazy full of customers so I didint had the chance to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but never the less, here are my top 3 booths for this year - it was so hard to choose...! 
I have to say, so far it has been the best craft show I ever went to as a customer. I was very impressed by all the talented artisans, creativity in presenting their creations and could barely pass by 4 tables without saying ''wow'' and taking business cards. I can guarantee, it will be a handmade Holiday this year, hurray! 

Despite the unusual hot temperatures outside and the heat inside the building, the lovely Stephanie of Miyuki Crochet was busy selling her lovely crocheted creations at her adorable booth. ''Even with this temperature, she said, people are buying in prevision of the cold days ahead, so I have been quite busy!'' Hurray for her cute and colorful crochet creations, bonus points for the lovely presentations and pictures of her items on the models, but my heart really went to those adorable and everlasting crochet cactus...! You can find her lovely items on her website or Etsy shop!

I also met the fantastic Aaron and Rachel from BLISSCRAFT & BRAZEN. I was seduced by the marvellous wood grains and colors in their creations. What was not my surprise when I got home and discovered that I had finally met the creators of that bath caddy that has been forever on my wishlist! Aaron was very patient while I choose between the beautiful salad servers and explained a bit more about their process. I really enjoy that they use a lot of recycled materials and make magic happen out it! You can find their gorgeous creations on their website or on their Etsy shop.

I also recommend that you check out the elegant and funky Groom shop who specializes in men's beauty products. Their masculine and retro packaging turns their products into great gifts, especially with the Holidays and many men's birthdays coming up! I love their folding comb - that is always useful - and their trial kit. You can visit their own website or Etsy shop right here!

All these amazing artisans will be busy with many craft shows this year, I suggest you follow them on their social medias and take a few minutes to check out their lovely creations. It is really amazing to speak to them in person and hear their passion about their products. 

On this everyone, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus day in the US!
See you all soon :)
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