Kirameku update

Hi everyone! :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and aren't buried in work! I just wanted to give you a quick update on Kirameku as I have finally reached 92 items in stock, yay! :)

Berry Necklaces : I have yet one more necklace to list. I find that my pictures from the last photoshoot were too dark and not bringing out the lovely details in the green shades of the Moss Berry Pendant Necklace. Although, I wanted to share with you my "coup de coeur" like we say in French, for this gorgeous new Silver & Green Berry Necklace. There's now 10 Berry Necklaces listed, yay! And don't worry, I'm still working on the Cobalt & Snow Bridal Necklace. My hope is to list it in May but we'll have to see how things goes with our moving schedule.

Love the Silver & Green Berry Necklace!

Kirameku 1000 heart shop giveaway : I have drawn a number and contacted the winner during the Easter weekend. I have unfortunately never heard back from the winner. It really saddens me and I tried giving the winner more time to claim their prize because of the Holidays, but it didin't work out. I will be drawing a new number and contacting the new winner in the following days, so please check your convos! And best luck to all! :)

Swarovski earrings : I jumped on my camera as soon as there was a beautiful sun outside and shot 4 different pair of Swarovski cristal earrings. You can now enjoy 2 pairs that were listed a few days ago. I hope you will love them! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the new Swarovski earrings collection or request a particular color, I would love to hear them! :)

The gorgeous Bermuda Blue Swarovski Dangle Earrings!

Craft fairs : I'm sending many applications before the month of April ends. I will keep you posted on witch show Kirameku will attend. Etsy local/Facebook events and blog posts will be created when I'll have my confirmations. I hope to be able to meet you in person this year as well and I'm aiming at least 3 craft shows for 2015. Stay posted and don't hesitate to subscribe to Kirameku's newsletter to get all the details in your inbox! :)

Like always, your feedback is very appreciated and custom orders are more than welcomed so please, don't be shy and leave me a comment! :) Have a great week everyone!


Workspace & atelier inspiration

Hi everyone! :)

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, my marvelous boyfriend and I will be moving soon. We finally found a lovely place and I was thinking of sharing with you my inspirations for my new - and all mine!!! - atelier!

I can't wait to have my gorgeous Italian easel set free of its box and use it in my new workspace under the sunlight....! I've scouted Pinterest in search of my favorite ideas and I hope it will inspire you too! :) Pictures of the actual atelier will be posted once it will be complete I promise! :)

Source : http://carlaaston.com/designed/crazy-cool-home-office
Love the light and optimization of space!! It might not be a craft room per say, but it could be a marvelous one!

Source : http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g1245/white-kitchen-decorating-ideas-1210/
Love this built in desk in front of the window. How marvelous would it be to paint under the sunlight with a hot cup of tea?!

Source : http://justbaustralia.com.au/be-creative/home-eleven-rooms-to-be-inspired-by-22526/gallery/image/home-eleven-rooms-to-be-inspired-by-9/
Wow, the use of contrast here is simply amazing! Don't you agree? :)

Source : http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/2014/03/brass-gold-den-makeover.html
I'm personally not a big fan of gold, but in this case, it brings so much light plus a lovely touch of warmth and chic to this room, I just love the atmosphere!

Source : http://sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.ca/2013/07/eames-chairs-finished-finally-for-now.html?m=1
I can't really put my finger on the aspect of this room that makes me love it, but it has a lovely "je ne sais quoi" that makes me want to sit down and draw in this room...!

On this everyone, I hope you enjoyed my top 5! Tell me, what makes a craft room the perfect atelier for you? :)


Weekend project no2 update

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful long Easter weekend. I was blessed with a four day vacation so I finished my latest watercolor for the upcoming craft shows.

Here is as promised the evolution of the artwork as well as the final product. I used some Opera Pink as the dominant color as well as a deep black India Ink to make the shades of pink pop out more. I really like the flow in the black ink, and I hope that you like the final results as well! :) A 90lbs paper was just enough to contain the amount of water required for this piece. I enjoyed creating a more fluid subject and adding a few precise touches to define the flower. How about you? What do you love about this watercolor? 

I also jumped on my camera last weekend and took out my Swarovki earring out for a photoshoot. We had real bad weather since the beginning of April, but this week, the sun is up and bright and it is such a pleasure! I'm hoping to create some more earring and take advantage of the beautiful days strike that we seem to be having. You will find some bright sunny yellow, feminine dark blues and vivid pink oranges crystals added to the new collection.

I haven't been quite as active in the past few days as I took two days to celebrate my birthday with my friends and my family.
No worries though, I still have 2 more new Berry necklaces in beautiful shades of green to be listed. And I will be back with another watercolor post as I'm missing one more new artwork to submit to the fairs.

I hope you are looking forward to the next artwork post! :)
On this everyone, have a wonderful day!


Weekend project 2

Hi everyone!

I hope you had all a marvelous week and enjoyed the Spring 2015 at Kirameku post! As you have read, it has been quite busy few days and after a long awaited Berry Necklace photoshoot, I decided last weekend to take two days off and retreat to a beautiful chalet in Magog to enjoy a few hours of peace and painting.

Why watercolours at this time of year and no more Berries? It's quite simple : the craft shows submissions for 2015 are slowly starting to fill my inbox. I have enough new Berry jewelry to show for these events and simply not enough new illustrations. So I packed my watercolors and my various inks in my luggage and hop, here I went.

No worries, I still have many new ideas for Kirameku's craft shows in 2015; but as our moving day is getting nearer every week, I thought it best to finish the projects I had already started before launching some new R&D.

But, wait a minute you might say; you spoke of another watercolour project a few posts ago, how did this one turned out? Well, my previous watercolor idea of fiery anemones bouquet was a total flop...! Despite all my efforts, the paper I had in stock could not carry the effects I had in mind. I have already mentioned the amazing Fabriano watercolor blocs on a previous post and as I resisted the temptation of buying a new bloc, I realized soon enough that my 90lbs cold press Winsor & Newton paper was not up to this anemone task.

Kirameku's latest illustration in progress, a mix of inks and watercolours.

On this, I decided to try a different approach and paint orchids with a mix of ink and watercolora. I painted for most of Saturday afternoon, also you can see the the sun slowly coming down on my artwork on the pictures. As the sun left to rest, so did my paintbrushes. The biggest part of this mixed media artwork was done in the space of a few hours and I'm counting on this Easter Holiday to be able to add the finishing touches to it! :) 

On this everyone I hope you have a great long weekend and I'll be back soon with some more updates and necklaces! :) Happy Easter to all! :)