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Hi everyone! :)

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, my marvelous boyfriend and I will be moving soon. We finally found a lovely place and I was thinking of sharing with you my inspirations for my new - and all mine!!! - atelier!

I can't wait to have my gorgeous Italian easel set free of its box and use it in my new workspace under the sunlight....! I've scouted Pinterest in search of my favorite ideas and I hope it will inspire you too! :) Pictures of the actual atelier will be posted once it will be complete I promise! :)

Source : http://carlaaston.com/designed/crazy-cool-home-office
Love the light and optimization of space!! It might not be a craft room per say, but it could be a marvelous one!

Source : http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g1245/white-kitchen-decorating-ideas-1210/
Love this built in desk in front of the window. How marvelous would it be to paint under the sunlight with a hot cup of tea?!

Source : http://justbaustralia.com.au/be-creative/home-eleven-rooms-to-be-inspired-by-22526/gallery/image/home-eleven-rooms-to-be-inspired-by-9/
Wow, the use of contrast here is simply amazing! Don't you agree? :)

Source : http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/2014/03/brass-gold-den-makeover.html
I'm personally not a big fan of gold, but in this case, it brings so much light plus a lovely touch of warmth and chic to this room, I just love the atmosphere!

Source : http://sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.ca/2013/07/eames-chairs-finished-finally-for-now.html?m=1
I can't really put my finger on the aspect of this room that makes me love it, but it has a lovely "je ne sais quoi" that makes me want to sit down and draw in this room...!

On this everyone, I hope you enjoyed my top 5! Tell me, what makes a craft room the perfect atelier for you? :)

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