Fiouf ! X_x

Hi there everyone !

Oh my ! I am soooo having a hard time these days to keep everything up !

We are repainting my room, so forget it ! I have to wash the walls, pick up the paint, prime the walls, go to work and all ! Fiouf ! Let me tell you that my days are really full ! I have barely the time to do a bit of promotion for my Etsy shop ! T_T

Well, I have a bit of new items up already and oviously more on their way !

Here is one of my newest !

Mint Berry Ring - Limited Edition

Also, I had the honor of being fetured on The Handmade Gift Guide Blog ! I am so happy ! I had a wonderful review and a lot of fun makin it ! Hidden in the article is a code giving you a special discount for Kirameku !

Click here for the lovely article !

Also, I told you that I would give you a review about Project Wonderful. Well, here it is ! :P

Started : 7 July 2010
Ended : 27 July 2010
Budget : 5$
Total clicks : 40
Bids : 24
Ad used : First a still image, then an animation

Comments : At first I struggled a lot with PW and only got a few ads, and I wanted to have the cheaper as possible and all, but finally I decided that some might be worth it. I am very happy of the service, cuz I had issues with my animation - gee I worked for that ad ! - but I had answers from the PW staff in about a day and they were very kind and helping. Although it wasn`t in my budget, I am very glad that I took the time to put those ads up and to spend that money. For now I will put another 5$ in the bank and keep you updated ! :P

That is pretty much it for today !

On this, I`ll have to go to bed, I am working early tomorrow... X_x

See ya soon !

* M *


Time for discoveries !

Good morning everyone !

Well, I have to make this post quickly, as I have to run to the post office before diner and it is a long walk.

All right ! I just wanted to introduce to you to a lovely shop that I discovered not so long ago. With a title as evocative as New Moon Studio, this shop has great great handmade finds that will make you go : I want it ! :D

Here is a piece of her bio : `` The best way to express my feelings and thoughts is when I draft or make things with clay. I love soft organic shapes and the use of contrasting colors. I like clean and simple designs. ``
If you want to know more, here is her impressive profile.

And that is what she is doing ot perfection !

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces !

This adorable Pomagrenade vase ! Love love it !!

Those gorgeous greens !

Ah ! White and turquoise, the perfect match !

She has a sale going on until July 31rst ! Quick before her beautiful pieces go ! :P

On this, have a great day everyone !

* M *


Ah, finally !

Good morning to all !

I had a wonderful day yesterday and plenty of views for my newest item ! I am soooo glad !

The weird thing is, I do not know why this title kept sticking on my newest artwork : Poison Ivy... I know it is a Batman`s character and all, but they are totally unlrelated ! Maybe it is because of the colors that I used reminded me a bit of the Poison ad from Dior... I don`t know... O_o

Anyways, I have to put it here, I just love it too much ! :P I almost kept it to myself lol !

Here is my Original Artwork Poison Ivy

This artwork was inspired by the fashion ads that I saw and by my obsession with make up. I tried a new paper for this artwork, and it is all made out from minerals, there is no trees involved in this paper. I do not know though if this is a better paper for the environnement... I`ll hope it is !

I worked a lot on my shop these past few days, taking other pictures, putting up more items, and I finally changed my avatar and now my banner ! I am so happy it turned out so good !

My brad new banner at my Etsy shop !

Now, I wanted to share with you that I will be having a few giveaways hosted in different blogs soon, as well as a review of my famous flower paper earrings. I`ll give you more news when the projects will be up ! :P

Also, here are my objectives for my very first year on Etsy. I opened up last September, and here are my goals :

* 250 shop hearts
* 24 sales
* 50 blog followers
* 200 twitter followers
* 80 items in my shop

Thank you so much everyone for your support ! I am now at 233 shop hearts, 16 sales, 41 blog followers, 127 twitter followers and 55 items in stock !

Thank you ! * big hugs *

Please don`t hesitate to stop by and tell me what you want to see in store or if you prefered my first banner ! Your comments are always welcomed !

On this, have a gorgeous sunny day everyone !

* M *


So much to do, such tiny time lap...

Hi there !

Fiouf ! What a crazy week !

Seriously, I didin`t thought that being a moderator would mean so much... ! O_o
I wonder if I`ll be able to keep it up when I`ll go back at shcool ... :S

In any cases, we will see when we will be there and I am pretty sure that I`ll be able to find somebody else to take my spot.

All right ! I have picked up my pen again and I haven`t been able to let it down lol, so stay posted cuz I will put up more artwork soon in my shop ! :P

Yay ! I have a few days off from work so I will probably be out, sneeking at the Fantasia Festival or just meeting up friends ! :P

Now, I have a great discovery for you today !

I happened to have cross this gorgeous paper flower shop that just opened today !
I don`t know about you, but I can barely believe that those are paper flowers ! O_o

Here are a few from The Crimson Poppy !

* All rights reserved to The Crimson Poppy

Oh this amazing discovery, have a nice day everyone ! :P

* M *


Well, let`s nail that !

Hi everyone !

sorry for the late update, I had such a busy week ! Work, etsy, the 30 minutes of fame, painting my room... !

So, I have listed three new gorgeous rings, they are so cute !

I got tons of new ideas, new beads on their way, and a work in progress with another Etsy sellers. Fiouf ! For now, let me just give you a peek of my newest listing, as they are just too cute !

Rainbow Berry ring - Limited Edition

Pink Champaghe Ring - Limited Edition

Summer Blue and Lime Green Chrysanthemum Ring

So there they are ! :P

I am a really happy that while I had my fame this week, so many people stopped by to give me a hand, it was great !

Oh well, my ice cream starving won`t leave me alone, so I`ll have to go for now.

I can`t wait to have my room painted ! It will be sooooo nice ! :D

Oki, since I haven`t done this for a while, before going :

Countdown : 55 items listed
25 still more to go ! :P

Have a great night everyone !

* M *


Little update

Hi to all ! :P

Yes, I have been away - again lol - but I have been quite busy updating my shop, preparing my 30 minutes of fame ( YAYYYY ! ), setting up a new thread to help out etsy sellers and strugulling with project wonderful... O_x

So, for my new thread that I started with the sweet Galla15, we just opened it yesterday and my ! We did promotion and all and what a response we got ! I might just have to recruit new hands and open up more spots ! The tricky thing is, I don;t want our thread to come into competition with the other 30 minutes of fame... :S

We`ll see how it goes, but if it wasn`t from Galla`s help, I wouldn`t know wich step to take first ! X_x

And as for project wonderful.... well, the budget if of 5$, and I am not quite sure my shop got the exposure I wished it had. I had putten up a simple add, but now I am going to change it to a little animation. Let`s see how this will do­.

That`s it for now !

I made two new rings and I can`t wait to list them ! :P

And for those who are availible, you are invited to my 30 minutes of fame this Tuesday, at 8h30, East time, at Etsy promotion forum. Stay posted for great and exclusive discounts !

Big hugs to all !

* M *


My, what a day !

Oh my.... !

I am exhausted !

I had such a busy day ! I was working hard on trying to catch up that famous 30 minutes of fame, and YAY ! I did it !

I kicked my butt and finally opened up mu Project Wonderful account and try to figure it out. I`ll tell you more about it tomorrow. I have tried to get through my 4feet long to do list with, I must say, a fair success.

For tonight, I am half asleep already, so let me just introduce you to my new Swarovski earrings ! :P

I did scrape my fingers a lot to make those, because the chandelier is quite time consuming and very delicate, but it was definitely worth it !

My pieces are stunning and I am so proud of them ! :P

You already know my Bermuda Blue Heart ;D

Here is it`s Light Olivine Variation ...

And finally, my gorgeous Sunset Chandelier Swarovski Earrings !

Want to see more ?

Take a peek at my Etsy Shop ! I am now having a sale until July 24th !

Thanks for reading my double post today ! :P

Good night !

* M *

Busy Bee

Another hot hot summer day ! :P

Before I go to my backyard getting my tan back, I just wanted to do a small update.

I didin`t wrote yesterday because I was busy making jewlery with swarovski crytals. I loooooooooove them, they are so shiny and the colors are just... perfect !

Here is a peek of one pair of earrings I`ll be listing tonight :P

Bermuda Blue Swarovski Earrings

I have a lot lot to do today, I have to cook my muffins - wich I kept saying for the past two weeks lol - cleaning, laundry and all that stuff... Yay... -_-''

But most importantly, I`ll be trying this Project wonderful advertising thinghy.

Quickly, if you don`t know about this project, it is that you can advertise for free or very cheap prices on blogs and wesites. I`ve asked my fellow etsians about it and the opinions are pretty much 50-50, so I will give it a try and keep you guys posted. Advertising is cool, but for that you must have a good budget and all. I`ll try it out first with PW, and after I will try out a few cool websites I came across.

So, I`ll stop saying it and I`ll be on my way to open up this account...

See ya tonight !

* M *


My, where to start ?

Hi there !

I know it has been a while since I wrote, but I have a good excuse :P !
My sweetheart got an unexpected vacation. So let me tell you that he didin`t had to say it twice that I packed up my things for a well deserved and sweet 5 days off.

It was great, and the best part of it, it was relaxing ! I really needed some time off to get some fresh air !

But I won`t tell you anymore than that lol ! :P After all, a private life needs to stay a bit private though, ne ? :P

So, when I got back, the head full of new ideas... and waiting for my bead supplies to come in.

I am so excited, I won a giveaway from Ahpeele ! This is great ! * Dances in joy ! * I don`t know what to choose ! There is so many gorgeous designs ! From everyday wear to yoga wear, it is all there !

It was hosted at Anna`s sweet blog. Great stufff in there, and giveaways ! Check it out : http://stunningannak.blogspot.com/

I have to get cracking on those items and artwork, I have two days off, I guess I`ll just grab my paint and make some watercolor, unless the heat wave have me melted... O_o My it is hot today !

So hot my idea barely follows one another.... ! O_o

I want to do so many things, but I have so little time ! Oh well, I`ll figure something out ! :P

That`s it for now !

I`ll see you guyz tomorrow, and hopefully my thoughts will be back in order ! :P

Ja ne !

* M *