Busy Bee

Another hot hot summer day ! :P

Before I go to my backyard getting my tan back, I just wanted to do a small update.

I didin`t wrote yesterday because I was busy making jewlery with swarovski crytals. I loooooooooove them, they are so shiny and the colors are just... perfect !

Here is a peek of one pair of earrings I`ll be listing tonight :P

Bermuda Blue Swarovski Earrings

I have a lot lot to do today, I have to cook my muffins - wich I kept saying for the past two weeks lol - cleaning, laundry and all that stuff... Yay... -_-''

But most importantly, I`ll be trying this Project wonderful advertising thinghy.

Quickly, if you don`t know about this project, it is that you can advertise for free or very cheap prices on blogs and wesites. I`ve asked my fellow etsians about it and the opinions are pretty much 50-50, so I will give it a try and keep you guys posted. Advertising is cool, but for that you must have a good budget and all. I`ll try it out first with PW, and after I will try out a few cool websites I came across.

So, I`ll stop saying it and I`ll be on my way to open up this account...

See ya tonight !

* M *

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