So, how are your super powers ?

Ah, what a day... !

Got a lot of stuff going all at the same time, waiting for a lot of beads orders to come in, starting a new promotion thread, xmas sale in july, an agenda art contract... Ouf ! Sometimes I feel like I would need super powers !

I felt just like that today.... O_x

Fantasia International Movie Festival

Just a little word on the Fest :

Fantasia is a great movie festival that is hosted one a year in Montreal. You can find anything, really anything, from animation to horror movies, from romance to foreign movies,... You can pretty much see anything you want, anything out of the ordinairy. That Fest is amazing ! I saw gorgeous movies like The Banquet or super cute animation movies, or simply thrilling action scenes.

Ah, we just wish we could borrow super powers sometimes, like to watch all those great movies all at once. Don`t we all need super powers sometimes ?

That`s it for today !

On this, I`ll go work on a new pair of earrings, from the Sunset Collection... :P

Have a nice night folks !

* M *


208 shop hearts and still going !

Oh God I am tired !

I got a tuff day today, as I went shopping with my brad new yellow Charlotte Russe shoes ! :P

It was actually a super cool dealfrom a girl I know, wich she had never worn them, so this is not exactly the same model I have, they are from last year, but they have some great great shoes !

And despite the high heels, I must say, they are quite confortable ! And yes, I took them on a test drive, as I went all the way downtown to fecth some cooking books and treated a friend with a bella pella soap !

I just fell in love with them ! :P

Charlotte Russe great shoes

Aren`t they great ?!
Ah, why does girls love shoes so much ?

Style : Checked. confort : Checked. And yes, I took them on a proper test drive, as I went all the way downtown to fecth some cooking books and treated a friend with a bella pella soap ! So a 4h hour shopping trip and the bus drive.

I fell in love with bella pella`s new blueberry soap, it smells sooooo goood !

Bella Pella`s amazing soaps

The thing is, when you get into that store, you want to buy soap for the next 10 years. They have great handmade soaps, yes yes, made here Montreal.

Here is the one I bought her, but shuuuuuuuuush ! Don`t tell her, it is a secret ! :P
It is her birthday today ;D

Well, that`s it for my review for today !

I must go to bed now and put my amazing books away ! :P

But, before, Countdown ! :P

47 items listed ! New Baladi earrings added today ! Yay !
33 more to go ! :P

On this...

`Night !

* M *


199 hearts and classy vintage

Hi everyone ! :P

Yes yes, I know, I have been quite busy and away these days, don`t remind me ! :P

Also, I wanted to let the spotlight on for StudioHaus for a bit, since her pictures are soooooooo pretty !

Oki then, little update on my shop :

I just wanted to thank everyone how hearted an item or my shop ! It is such a great pleasure to see that your art is appreciated ! Thanks you guyz ! I am three months away from my one year anniversary and I have 199 shop hearts so far !

* Big hugs everyone ! *
Thank you ! Thank you !

Oki !

So, what`s new today ?

Well, I was browsing and all, and I found amazing vintage jewlery - yeah yeah, you heard me right, vintage, wich I am not really into. But those pieces from Yeahiamgroovy are just soooo coool and classy ! :P

Come take a peek !

These are the stunning pieces that caught my eyes this morning !

Isn`t that just tooo cute !?! Availible also in baby blue ! :P But green is better :P

Uuh, just like blood... ! O_o

You liked it ? Come check her shop ! She has amazing one of a kind vintage and kawaii finds ! Quick before it goes away !


Thanks for reading guyz ! :D

* M *


And the winner is.... !

Good morning to all !

Thanks a lot to all of those who participated in my very first giveaway ! And all those who voted for what they want to see added to my shop !

Before I announce the winner, I want to say a big thanks to StudioHaus for letting me interview her ! She is a super sweet girl and she has an amazing shop. If you haven`t read her interview yet, I strongly suggest you do ! :P

And, as I have promised, more items are on their way ! I got new ideas for necklaces and earrings ! So stay posted !

Countdown : 47 items listed
33 more to go !

Oki, so without any further delay, the winner of this cute giveaway is.....

( Drum rolls )

Smiley Moo !

Congrats ! :P

Thanks again to everyone who participated ! This is the first giveaway, but not the last ! So come take a peek once in a while ;P

On this, have a nice day !

* M *


Blooming Passion

Hi everyone ! :P

It is with great honnor that I gladly introduce the very first interview of this blog ! I want you to meet the shop owner of Studio Haus, who is generous, passionate and as sweet as chocolate.

What would you like to tell us about yourself ?

I'm originally from the midwest but recently moved to Pennsylvania and I'm loving it!

When did you discovered your passion for photography ?

I've always loved photos and photography but it wasn't until the summer I was working at a portrait studio that I actually realized that this was something I wanted to do.

Do you have any other passions ?

I do! I love all art, the beach, Paris (I went once and fell in love!), and great friends because they are hard to come by.

All rights Reserved - Copyrights StudioHaus

What type of landscape do you prefer ?

I love waterfalls and beach scenes. Anytime I get a chance to visit either I do!

What artist inspire you the most in your art ?

Definitely Ansel Adams ~ http://www.anseladams.com/
His landscape photography is so inspiring and would love to travel to all the beautiful places he did.

Your perfect photography trip ?

Oh gosh, its hard to say just one place but I would really love to go Yellowstone. I think the landscapes there would make for some amazing photos.

One tip you would give to starter photographer ?

I think my best tip would be that clouds are your best light diffuser! I always thought that I needed bright sunlight but found that it causes harsh shadows and washes out details on beautiful flowers and waterfalls. Just before or just after a storm can create some great lighting (and sometimes lightning so be careful!) and lead some awesome shots.

All Rights Reserved - Copyrights StudioHaus

What type of camera do you use ?

Actually *blush* I use a Kodak point-n-shoot. I'm saving for a Cannon 50D and can't wait to get my hands on one!

What lead you to open your Etsy account ?

I wanted to see if there is anyone out there who likes my photos as much as I do. Etsy was an easy way to either be rejected or justified.

If you could add another product to your store, neverminding the budget, what would it be ?

Oh it would definitely be canvas prints. Those look so amazing and I love how they make a photo look like a painting!

All Rights Reserved - Copyrights StudioHaus

What do you like the most about having your Etsy shop ?

The community aspect of Etsy is amazing. All the support and tips have really helped me improve my shop from where I started a year ago.

What would be your typical day ?

Well mornings are mostly listing and networking through twitter and facebook. My afternoons are spent exercising, doing chores, and taking care of the mundane things. Evenings I try to spend time with my husband until he goes to bed (really early!). I more of a night person so I stay up late editing photos and this is usually when I list new photos into my shop.

Do you exhibit in galeries, restaurants ? Do you exhibit at craft fairs ?

I have done a few crafts fairs and will be doing a few in the fall. I will be posting on my blog or facebook with the shows and dates.

Where can we contact you ? Do you sell somewhere else ?

I only sell on Etsy and at shows.
Email: mystudiohaus [!at] yahoo.com
Blog: studiohaus.blogspot.com
FB: www.facebook.com/studiohaus
Twitter: www.twitter.com/studiohaus

Giveaway ! Tada !!

Good morning !! :P

Yes ! Finally the wait is over.... !

- Drum rooooollssss - Here is my first Giveaway ! :D

To participate, it is simple !

1. Follow my blog
2. Post a comment so I can know that you are interested ! :P

How will it work ? Even more simple ! After you followed and commented, I will put all your usernames in a big bowl and will draw one name. The winner will have to send me her e-mail adress and the earrings will be sent the following days. No shipping charges ! :P

It starts : Now
It ends : Next Monday, the 21 of June, 12 o'clock

So here it is ! A very cute pattern, unique and summer inspired !

My Floral Lantern Earrings !
It's originality and exclusivity will all be yours to wear !

This cute little pattern is composed of high quality glass beads and is mounted on a silver plated, nickel and lead free small hooks. It is about one inch and 3/4 long, without the hooks.

Stay posted ! Another great entry will be next ! The interview with StudioHaus ! :P

* M *


Welcome back Mister Sun ! :P

Ah ! Finally !

The sun is back from vacation ! Hurray ! :P

I had a marvelous week-end, but unfortunately I had to spend it most working... T_T
Oh well, that is life ! :P With a hint of chance I will be able to get toasted a bit tomorrow ! Out out silly winter white ! :P

So, I have a giveaway that is going to be host this week, right here ! :P And thanks to those who voted, the item will be turquoise ! :P Yay ! Stay posted !

I have the confirmation for the blog feature that I will do as soon as I have the replies. So here is a great, sweet shop owner that will have the spotlight here soon !

On this, I say no more ! :p To be continued....

Countdown : 41 items posted
39 more to go !

Yeah, before I go, I know it is a bit late and all, but I am having a sale on twitter for those who follow me. Just add me up and get a special 10% discount untill midnight tonight.

On this folks, have a great night ! :P

* M *


Oh sun, where have you gone to ?

Hi everyone !

I do know know what happened here in Montreal, but we are freezing ! Seriously, we just started to have some great weather, between 20 and 27 degrees, and now the temperatures dropped around 14 degrees ! O_o

Hurray for the sandals and skirts ! T_T And we have lots lots of rain ! Gee, I hope that we will get back to a normal summer soon ! T_T

I have a lot of stuff to do today, so my message will be brief. I have to figure out how to do gift certificates, got tons of ideas for new items, great feedback from Etsy sellers that gave me other perspectives on my shop... and last, but not least, figure out how I can have a special sale section here for you followers !

I was on fire today and listed new items ! Wouhou ! Halfway done ! :P

Countdown : 40 items listed
40 left to go !

I have ordered new beads ,I can't wait to get them ! :P

For now I will just post my deal of the day here, hoping to find a better way soon.

** Gorgeous dangeling silver and purple earrings ! **

MARKED DOWN ! Were 10.50$ now 7.50$ !
Refund via paypal


On this, have a nice day everyone !

* M *


Testing testing, one two !

Good day good day ! :P

Another busy day at work, I spare you the details. For tonight, a simple post and, at the same time, a little test.

I want to know what your opinion is !

As I talked about before, my goal this summer is to have 80 items. So here it is !

Countdown ! 38 items listed
42 more to go !

I leave you with this quick survey !

Feel free to leave any comment on that regard !

Have a nice night everyone !

* M *

What would you like to see added to Kirameku ?


Bright and sunny, with prevision of mango rain

Hi there !

It was so fun today, I finally got to went to Jean Talon market and now my fridge is full of delicious fruits and vegies ! I couldn`t take all that I wanted, since it started raining so I had to run back to the subway before getting drentch.

But everything is fine, I got my mangos ! :P Yuuuummy !

Just wanted to tell you what is going to be on the menu for the next few weeks. Yup, more items on the way and part-time job, but I will start soon to interview Etsy shop owners and share my wonderful discoveries here ! :P

I fell in love again with GlassMagie`s shop, and I hope to be able to catch her soon to make a feature of her magnificent work here.

For now, I leave you with this terrific video of Ida Corr. I know it is now her most recent work, but this video is lovely ! And has just the hint of James Bond that it needs... ! :P

On this, enjoy !

* M *


Clearance ! Summer items !

Hi everyone ! :P

Here is the time for shopping !

I have some gorgeous lantern earrings that would be perfect with any summer outfit !

Made with bali silver findings, add a bit of gipsy to your outfit or beach wear ! Those earrings are one of a kind !

Only 9.75$ and low shipping rates !

Quick before they expire !

Amber : http://www.etsy.com/listing/39936950/amber-bali-flower-ooak-earrings

Turquoise :http://www.etsy.com/listing/39935013/aqua-bali-flower-earrings-ooak

Green : http://www.etsy.com/listing/39867076/green-bali-flower-ooak-earrings

Thanks for stopping by !

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