Welcome back Mister Sun ! :P

Ah ! Finally !

The sun is back from vacation ! Hurray ! :P

I had a marvelous week-end, but unfortunately I had to spend it most working... T_T
Oh well, that is life ! :P With a hint of chance I will be able to get toasted a bit tomorrow ! Out out silly winter white ! :P

So, I have a giveaway that is going to be host this week, right here ! :P And thanks to those who voted, the item will be turquoise ! :P Yay ! Stay posted !

I have the confirmation for the blog feature that I will do as soon as I have the replies. So here is a great, sweet shop owner that will have the spotlight here soon !

On this, I say no more ! :p To be continued....

Countdown : 41 items posted
39 more to go !

Yeah, before I go, I know it is a bit late and all, but I am having a sale on twitter for those who follow me. Just add me up and get a special 10% discount untill midnight tonight.

On this folks, have a great night ! :P

* M *

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