So, how are your super powers ?

Ah, what a day... !

Got a lot of stuff going all at the same time, waiting for a lot of beads orders to come in, starting a new promotion thread, xmas sale in july, an agenda art contract... Ouf ! Sometimes I feel like I would need super powers !

I felt just like that today.... O_x

Fantasia International Movie Festival

Just a little word on the Fest :

Fantasia is a great movie festival that is hosted one a year in Montreal. You can find anything, really anything, from animation to horror movies, from romance to foreign movies,... You can pretty much see anything you want, anything out of the ordinairy. That Fest is amazing ! I saw gorgeous movies like The Banquet or super cute animation movies, or simply thrilling action scenes.

Ah, we just wish we could borrow super powers sometimes, like to watch all those great movies all at once. Don`t we all need super powers sometimes ?

That`s it for today !

On this, I`ll go work on a new pair of earrings, from the Sunset Collection... :P

Have a nice night folks !

* M *

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