199 hearts and classy vintage

Hi everyone ! :P

Yes yes, I know, I have been quite busy and away these days, don`t remind me ! :P

Also, I wanted to let the spotlight on for StudioHaus for a bit, since her pictures are soooooooo pretty !

Oki then, little update on my shop :

I just wanted to thank everyone how hearted an item or my shop ! It is such a great pleasure to see that your art is appreciated ! Thanks you guyz ! I am three months away from my one year anniversary and I have 199 shop hearts so far !

* Big hugs everyone ! *
Thank you ! Thank you !

Oki !

So, what`s new today ?

Well, I was browsing and all, and I found amazing vintage jewlery - yeah yeah, you heard me right, vintage, wich I am not really into. But those pieces from Yeahiamgroovy are just soooo coool and classy ! :P

Come take a peek !

These are the stunning pieces that caught my eyes this morning !

Isn`t that just tooo cute !?! Availible also in baby blue ! :P But green is better :P

Uuh, just like blood... ! O_o

You liked it ? Come check her shop ! She has amazing one of a kind vintage and kawaii finds ! Quick before it goes away !


Thanks for reading guyz ! :D

* M *


  1. Your kind words make me smile!
    Thanks so much!
    I've always had a blast featuring your lovely work!

    (no offense but your ACEOs are my favorite ;P)

  2. Non taken ! :P

    It shows that you love my items and I am glad for it ! I hope the article helped a bit, although I am not too much into vintage !