And the winner is.... !

Good morning to all !

Thanks a lot to all of those who participated in my very first giveaway ! And all those who voted for what they want to see added to my shop !

Before I announce the winner, I want to say a big thanks to StudioHaus for letting me interview her ! She is a super sweet girl and she has an amazing shop. If you haven`t read her interview yet, I strongly suggest you do ! :P

And, as I have promised, more items are on their way ! I got new ideas for necklaces and earrings ! So stay posted !

Countdown : 47 items listed
33 more to go !

Oki, so without any further delay, the winner of this cute giveaway is.....

( Drum rolls )

Smiley Moo !

Congrats ! :P

Thanks again to everyone who participated ! This is the first giveaway, but not the last ! So come take a peek once in a while ;P

On this, have a nice day !

* M *