White apartment inspiration

Hi everyone! :)

I hope you had a lovely last two weeks! Here in Montreal the gorgeous lilacs are finally in bloom! The air is smelling so lovely whenever I pass one of my neighbours tree! :) I'm sad that my parents moved out of their house before the lilacs season, I would have loved to have a bouquet on my diner table!

My apologies for this long delay between posts, I have been busy making boxes and wrapping up our precious possessions as moving day is now two weeks away... Yikes! No worries, I can still ship your Berry orders as my crafting supplies are the last things I'll be packing. I'll be posting soon in my shop announcement and on my FB page the few days were my shop will be closed so I'll have time to unpack everything.

Meanwhile; my boyfriend and I gave ourselves a new challenge for our new home. We won't be painting our apartment this time. Of course we will have some colors in our new love nest but we thought a few paint jobs on our furniture instead might do the trick and save us a couple of bucks. I have lots of student quality acrylic that I don't use anymore so I thought we could kill two birds with one stones. I'll leave these DIY furniture inspirations for another post, but here are my favorite white rooms on Pinterest. I thought it could inspire a few of you as well! :)

I simply love this blog post from Classic Chic Home,  so may pretty rooms in there, but this one is
clearly my favorite! :)

We won't have such a lovely staircase in our next apartment but I found the frame decoration in this post absolutely wonderful!

Love this gorgeous bedroom with soft grey accents....! From Unique Home Architecture post

Love the use of festive lights in this post from Home stories

I want one gorgeous dresser just like this...! Styling from Live Love DIY

Love the cozy and yet warm feeling of this all white room from Charm blog

And, the final one : love the shabby chic style in this living room from Digs Digs

On this everyone, have a wonderful weekend! :D
Don't hesitate to post your inspiration for an all white room!
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