Quick Feature !

Good evening everyone ! :D

I am just popping in a few minutes in between two school projects -and while being at school - to make a feature about a super cute artist. I am like a week late in this feature, as it was asked to me and I'm in the middle of my semester, so you can pretty much say that I sleep between 7 to 5 hours a night, and work from 7h till 11-12h every day.... Hurray for my schedule... O_o

That being said, I'll just skip that part and go to the awesome one ! Marie's interview is coming up too !

All right ! So, let me introduce ElizabethOHara ! :D

She has two shops, but I am presenting the one that I find more colorful, but it's just my personal taste. Her second shop is more about home decor and of course handmade objects.

She studied in Art and has been in that domain for most of her life. She sold her art from Galleries to craft fairs, and obviously on our lovely Etsy !

Check out a few of my favorite pieces of hers ! :D

Other ways to reach her !

That's it for today guyz !

See ya all later !

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