Ask me!

Hi everyone! : )

I was thinking about having a page where you could post your inspirations and questions for a while now so there you go! : ) Here's an open Q&A if you'd like to know more about plenty of stuff! Are you curious about Montreal? Do you wish to know more about running your business on Etsy? Having a colour theory question? Having a technical question in arts? You want to see a particular subject covered in this blog…..?  You name it! : )

Please take the stand and write down this question that was on your mind when you visited my shop, blog, etc. If you also have comments, please don't hesitate! :) I would love to know more about you! And if I see there's a recurring question, it will most probably end up in a large post on the main page! : )

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  1. Hello Maxime,
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    1. Hi SellMojo, thanks for visiting my shop! I'm so happy you loved it :D Thank you for letting me know about your website, I will definitely go take a look. Have a lovely day! : )