About Kirameku

Here's how a dream met with colours…

Whenever I wanted jewelry, I could never find a piece that suited my taste and my budget. I dreamed, sketched what I had in mind and finally decided to make my own jewelry. After a few R&D tests, I found the ''berries'' that you see in store. A bit later, my friends asked for some custom pieces and loved it so much. A friend of mine suggested Etsy. I simply fell in love! I then opened up my own Etsy shop. I wanted to share my creations with women around the world who are looking for this perfect piece of jewelry. I want to make unique creations that would fit any type of budget so that you can treat yourselves without breaking your piggy bank. I want to make jewelry that makes you happy and shine! :)

My Kirameku Etsy shop started in 2009. It has been a lovely ride so far! Yes there were bumps on the way, just like any business, but I've learned so much and connected with so many great people here, I wouldn't change it for the world :)  I love everything that is beautiful, I love all that sparkles! And hopefully you can find all that under the roof of Kirameku.

What's the very first Berry?
The Classic Berry ring.

Why glass beads?
Well I've always been fascinated by glass, and I love the classy aspect of it. It will always be in fashion and the colours will never fade away. I wanted beads that would capture the essence of colour and have it as pure as possible.

What's Kirameku?
It’s a Japanese word to describe the shine of the ocean and the diamonds. I thought it fit the shop so perfectly, because, I go crazy for everything that shines!

Wish to know more? 
You can always visit my brad new website here kirameku.wix.com/kirameku-jewelry
Or my online store at kirameku.etsy.com

At Kirameku, each and every of my customers is special and I work hard to make your wishes come true. Here's some of my lovely customer's feedback :

♥ '' Cute rings. cute packaging, safely tucked in a small box. Made for a wonderful holiday gift. Thank you.''

♥ '' Love my Ring! Absolutely Beautiful! Maxime provides awesome customer care and service. Very fast shipping. Can't wait to shop with you again.''

♥ '' Just received this ring (berry ring), it is simply gorgeous I cannot wait to wear it; I will definitely be back for others."

♥ '' GORGEOUS ring. Much better than in photo. Express arrival and super nice and diligent seller. Couldn't recommend this shop more: MANY THANKS! ''

♥ '' Thank you for fast shipping, even from Canada! These earrings are just lovely; very pretty design and so well made, I love them! ''

Maxime is the proud owner, maker, photographer and graphic designer of Kirameku; Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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