Cakes ! Blueberries or triple chocolate ?

Yes yes, I know, I am not a very dedicated blogger, but it is all right ! :P

I had an amazing night yesterday and my marvelous boyfriend invited me to this gala and I had the most marvelous desserts ever ! Thank God it was a buffet, so I could take as many as I wanted ! But oh no, my stomac wasn`t able to take in as much cakes as I wanted ... ! T_T Geez, where are our lunch boxes when we need them the most ?!

So tonight, here is a great mousse recipe !

Here is my latest discovery !

This is a great blog and the pictures are mouth watering, check it out :
Latest addition : Passionfruit chocolate mousse - miam miam !


On this, bon ap├ętit ! :P

* M *


From Lemon Yellow to Caput Mortem Violet

Finallly !

The inventory is over... ! I counted only patels from 10 o'clock am to 6 pm...

Let me tell you that the colors variations from one compagny to another can be enormus ! And that you learn a loooot of weird color names when you have over 200 colors in stock. But thank God you have that many ! Pastels are sure hard to mix sometimes, so you can have a color palette as wide as you want, from hues to saturations without any problems ! :P

Thank you Sennelier, Holbein and Rembrand for such palettes !

Now my work weeks will be more random, geez, so I hope I will have enough time to reach my goal : have 80 items in my shop !

Countdown : 35 items listed
45 more to go !

On this folks, I go to bed and try to get some sleep, since it is 35 degrees outside, but something more like 40 if you add up the humidity... :S

I am so happy that summer is here ! It is the best time of the year ! :P

On this, good night !

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Let`s start

Oh well, there we are...

I finally decided to open up my own blog, but oh boy, where to start ?!

Quickly, I am currently a student in Arts, crazy at times, funky at others, and sleepy all morning because of the late work hours and the long homework assignements. Nothing much to say up here, simply I go crazy with colors, and I live simply for painting and drawing.

I have a small job at a retail store, and like everybody else, some days I love my job, but others I hate it... oh well... !

Eventually you will know more about me, but here is not the point of this blog.

I simply want to share amazing discoveries that I made while browsing on the world wide web, but also, tell you guyz more about my hobby ! I do own a small shop of handmade jewlery and artwork on Etsy, and I am very proud of it !

So that`s all for tonight folks !

On this, let our journey begin !
Stay posted !


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