Let`s start

Oh well, there we are...

I finally decided to open up my own blog, but oh boy, where to start ?!

Quickly, I am currently a student in Arts, crazy at times, funky at others, and sleepy all morning because of the late work hours and the long homework assignements. Nothing much to say up here, simply I go crazy with colors, and I live simply for painting and drawing.

I have a small job at a retail store, and like everybody else, some days I love my job, but others I hate it... oh well... !

Eventually you will know more about me, but here is not the point of this blog.

I simply want to share amazing discoveries that I made while browsing on the world wide web, but also, tell you guyz more about my hobby ! I do own a small shop of handmade jewlery and artwork on Etsy, and I am very proud of it !

So that`s all for tonight folks !

On this, let our journey begin !
Stay posted !


* M *

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