Cakes ! Blueberries or triple chocolate ?

Yes yes, I know, I am not a very dedicated blogger, but it is all right ! :P

I had an amazing night yesterday and my marvelous boyfriend invited me to this gala and I had the most marvelous desserts ever ! Thank God it was a buffet, so I could take as many as I wanted ! But oh no, my stomac wasn`t able to take in as much cakes as I wanted ... ! T_T Geez, where are our lunch boxes when we need them the most ?!

So tonight, here is a great mousse recipe !

Here is my latest discovery !

This is a great blog and the pictures are mouth watering, check it out :
Latest addition : Passionfruit chocolate mousse - miam miam !


On this, bon ap├ętit ! :P

* M *

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