Artwork : Work in progress

Hi everyone! : )

I hope you all had a great week! On my side, it was a very busy week as I've started a job at a new place and it's simply awesome! I'm so in love with this job…!  I'm just a bit sad that spring seems to have pack up his things and left of for a few days… We had a snowstorm here - yes, again… sight - and kindda crappy temperature all week. Hopefully, Spring will be back in April. I can't wait to open up the door to my balcony in my atelier and have some fresh air and sunlight flowing in.

I'm still cleaning up my atelier, but if you guys are curious, I could try and take come pictures once we'll have a bit of sun here in Montreal and my spring clean up will be over. I've recently finished my complete inventory (beads, jewelry, supplies etc…) and I'm super glad that part is over…! It is very very tedious. I'm not too bad with numbers and I'm very organized, it's just that I really don't like doing inventory. But hey, it's part of the game and I usually treat myself with something sweet afterwards so it's worth it. Not to mention it's so much easier to see where you are heading once the inventory is done.

The main reason of my post today if to show you guys one piece I'm currently working on. I don't want to show too much to keep the mystery around that project, but here are some shots of the original drawing. ( I would so much prefer spending my day drawing than making inventory! ;) )

Images under copyright - All rights reserved  ©Kirameku

If you are curious about my artwork process, I create the original sketch with blue Col-Erase pencils. Why blue? Simply because it is an easy colour to touch up and easy to get rid of in photoshop if I ever need to make a digital copy of my artwork. I then use tracing paper to copy the original artwork on my media that will host the final illustration. It could be art boards, canvases, water-colour paper…. you name it.



Hi everyone! :D

I'm so glad to announce that Kirameku is now officially on Facebook! Woot woot! :D
It took me a while to check out the different options to make sure it would really fit my shop's needs, but it was worth the wait! :) I hope you enjoy the graphics and let me tell you that I'm just getting started! Apps are the next thing on my list…! :D

All right *drum roll* Kirameku celebrates this with a 10$ gift certificate giveaway!


Yay Spring! :D

Hi everyone!

I can officially say that spring is now in Montreal! : ) Like I've promised, I'm adding more pictures about my little city. Here, let me show you what our second day of spring looked like….

Yup, yesterday morning we has a snow storm here ( about 10cm). Thankfully the weather was quite warm so it was really nice outside once everything had settled. It was just a bit hazardous on the sidewalks with the ice under the snow but hey, I got plenty of vitamin D : ) And it was worth the wait, this morning the sun is high and bright under a beautiful blue sky, spring is finally here! :D

Also, I was thinking a lot this week on how I could make my blog more useful to you and I decided to include a new ''Ask me!'' section. I was thinking it would be nice for you guys to have a space dedicated to you, where you could say what's on your mind. I've been on Etsy for 5 years and have been studying arts for more than 7 years, so I thought I could give back and share my experience with you on those. What do you say? : )

And now a bit about business….
There's a few new things at Kirameku for spring and I hope you enjoy our latest additions. I want to give you delicate pastel hues that would fit with those brad new skirts and tshirts that you've bought.

Like I've mentioned quickly last time, Kirameku is now on Wanelo, a combination of pinterest and fashion. It is a great tool and I'm still trying to figure out how to adapt it to Kirameku, but slowly I'm getting the hang of it. Please take a look and don't hesitate to post your favourite piece from Kirameku's on our Wanelo's page!

Stay tuned, I've got plenty more models coming up your way and a few giveaways too! : ) On this everyone, happy Spring…!!! :D

* M *


My mistake! :S

Hi everyone! : )

I'm taking just a tiny moment to underline that I misread the dates for the Cabane a sucre on Wellington's street with Sweet Lee's. As they've told me earlier on twitter, the event will take place on March 29-30th, so in two week-ends from now. My apologies to Sweet Lee and all of you readers. On the page of la Cabane a Sucre, they are talking about the event from 2013 and you have to notice the tiny ''click here'' for the infos of 2014…. My apologies, I didn't had enough coffee on that day but to make a fair point, the web page is a bit confusing. In any case, this is going to be a great event and if you are in Montreal, definitely stop by and support our local businesses and famous maple syrup : )

On this guys, I'm off to make a tomato soup because in this first day of spring, it is super rainy in Montreal. Nothing beats the rain blues like a bowl of hot soup and a grilled cheese : )

* M *


Yes Conference and Cara Carmina

Hola everyone : )

As promised, I'm back to tell you a bit more about the YES Conference I add ended this week, on ''How to be your Best on Etsy''.

Just so you know a bit about YES before we start : YES (Youth Employment Services) is a non-profit organization based in Montreal that helps young entrepreneurs and Quebecers find jobs. The people at YES are always super smiling and friendly. I love their conferences and ateliers, it's always full of insights and great tips to help you out. And you have something for every budgets.

I noticed a few days ago that they now had conferences on Etsy - how cool is that?! So I attended the event and loved it. The conference focused a bit more on how to start your Etsy shop since there was a lot of people considering that option. I wish they had shared more advanced insight ( you know, I've been for 5 years on Etsy ) but to get to meet the lovely Norma from Cara Carmina, it was totally out braving the snowstorm outside. Her passion and love for her work instantly filled up the room and 2 hours flew by almost without us noticing…! She's super sweet and colourful. She unfortunately didn't had the chance to tell us all about her passion for social media as we ran out of time, but you know she's just one of those people you would sit down and listen for days. She was natural, super friendly, and if I may surprisingly tall. (When she got up at the end of the conference I was like, wow, that woman is tall…!  And beautiful ;) ) I definitely hope she will consider doing a panel on social media, it was so interesting to hear her talk about it.

Just to show you how sweet she is, look at what she gave to everyone attending the conference:

Her work is whimsical and has lovely references to traditional mexican art.

She gave us a tip that I totally want to try out. She said something like ''Do you know how exotic it can be to your readers to see Montreal?'' And I totally agree with her! It never occurred to me and it's a great idea! I will try to keep you guys posted on Montreal and add more pictures ;)

If you want to discover more about this lovely funky señorita, you can read her article about her conference here or visit her Etsy shop, or check out her great website.

On this, thanks again Norma! :D 
I hope you will continue giving conferences dear! :D

* Maxime * 


Cabane à sucre! Maple syrup sweets

Hi everyone! : ) I just had a flash yesterday while I was attenting the Yes Conference ''How to be your best on Etsy''… The Cabane à sucre event Sweet Lee told us about a few days ago is next week-end! On March 22-23 29-30, please stop by the Wellington street in Verdun and encourage local business owners while indulging in our unique maple products! Sweet Lee is planning on having maple syrup scones, how delicious does that sounds? : ) Yum yum, I'll definitely stop by!

Did you know that there's 13 500 maple syrup producers' in Quebec? (Source FPAQ) And there's plenty more across Canada but producers from Quebec represents about 93% of the production? Maple syrup is a very unique product and we are super lucky to be able to celebrate it this time of year. It is full of antioxidants, minerals and is a 100% natural so there's no reason not to have some in your pantry!

On this, my stomach is grumbling way too much for me to keep talking about food lol! I'll leave to you on one of my favourite cooking website where the recipes are all maple based.

I'll be back soon to tell you more about the Yes Conference : )
Oh, and don't forget to enter our giveaway! It ends in about 11h…!
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March Giveaway!

Hi everyone! : )

I'm sorry I've been buried under web design these past couple of days as my classes are coming to an end. I lost some work time because of my flu - do not attempt to code a website with an infernal migraine and irritated sinuses, you'll just mess your code up, I can guaranty you - so I worked super hard to pick up things and add the finishing touches this week-end. If ever you are interested, I'll post you the link to the website once it will be online. What do you say? : )

But, I didn't forget about you dear readers : ) In between classes I've been in contact with Kelly - a lovely blogger - who published an article about Kirameku and hosted a small giveaway. It's the first time I ever had a giveaway hosted on Rafflecopter, and I am more than curious to see the final results!

Here is a new model of the Dangle & Drop Earrings that you can win! Don't you think the colours are great for spring? :) Click the image to participate! And quick, you have 6 days left to enter the contest.

Also, Kirameku has open up on Wanelo, so if you ever wish to follow our latest fashion additions or to share your favourite piece, please visit us there! : )

On this everyone, best of luck for the giveaway! :D
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