Yes Conference and Cara Carmina

Hola everyone : )

As promised, I'm back to tell you a bit more about the YES Conference I add ended this week, on ''How to be your Best on Etsy''.

Just so you know a bit about YES before we start : YES (Youth Employment Services) is a non-profit organization based in Montreal that helps young entrepreneurs and Quebecers find jobs. The people at YES are always super smiling and friendly. I love their conferences and ateliers, it's always full of insights and great tips to help you out. And you have something for every budgets.

I noticed a few days ago that they now had conferences on Etsy - how cool is that?! So I attended the event and loved it. The conference focused a bit more on how to start your Etsy shop since there was a lot of people considering that option. I wish they had shared more advanced insight ( you know, I've been for 5 years on Etsy ) but to get to meet the lovely Norma from Cara Carmina, it was totally out braving the snowstorm outside. Her passion and love for her work instantly filled up the room and 2 hours flew by almost without us noticing…! She's super sweet and colourful. She unfortunately didn't had the chance to tell us all about her passion for social media as we ran out of time, but you know she's just one of those people you would sit down and listen for days. She was natural, super friendly, and if I may surprisingly tall. (When she got up at the end of the conference I was like, wow, that woman is tall…!  And beautiful ;) ) I definitely hope she will consider doing a panel on social media, it was so interesting to hear her talk about it.

Just to show you how sweet she is, look at what she gave to everyone attending the conference:

Her work is whimsical and has lovely references to traditional mexican art.

She gave us a tip that I totally want to try out. She said something like ''Do you know how exotic it can be to your readers to see Montreal?'' And I totally agree with her! It never occurred to me and it's a great idea! I will try to keep you guys posted on Montreal and add more pictures ;)

If you want to discover more about this lovely funky señorita, you can read her article about her conference here or visit her Etsy shop, or check out her great website.

On this, thanks again Norma! :D 
I hope you will continue giving conferences dear! :D

* Maxime * 


  1. Ooooh THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! This is an awesome post! So happy you came it was a lovely experience and I´m looking fwd to do it again! :)

    Hope it was helpful! let me know if you ever need some help! xo

    1. It was very helpful my dear! :D Thank you so much ! And same here, if you think I can help, don't hesitate to knock on my door : )