Cabane à sucre! Maple syrup sweets

Hi everyone! : ) I just had a flash yesterday while I was attenting the Yes Conference ''How to be your best on Etsy''… The Cabane à sucre event Sweet Lee told us about a few days ago is next week-end! On March 22-23 29-30, please stop by the Wellington street in Verdun and encourage local business owners while indulging in our unique maple products! Sweet Lee is planning on having maple syrup scones, how delicious does that sounds? : ) Yum yum, I'll definitely stop by!

Did you know that there's 13 500 maple syrup producers' in Quebec? (Source FPAQ) And there's plenty more across Canada but producers from Quebec represents about 93% of the production? Maple syrup is a very unique product and we are super lucky to be able to celebrate it this time of year. It is full of antioxidants, minerals and is a 100% natural so there's no reason not to have some in your pantry!

On this, my stomach is grumbling way too much for me to keep talking about food lol! I'll leave to you on one of my favourite cooking website where the recipes are all maple based.

I'll be back soon to tell you more about the Yes Conference : )
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