Oh messy April....

Good evening everyone !

I am taking a small break from a more than crazy couple of weeks to give you a few updates.... O_x

Although the media burried Japan with the election news up here, it still needs your help. I could not believe my eyes when I say that there was so much ``problems`` on Etsy associated with that cause. Although I am certain that there is a lot of good-hearted Etsians, some of them are criticizing the donations via sales and, although they had fair points, I still believe that people should try. I any cases, they made one good point clear : the fastest way to help out Japan is by making a donation yourself.

I`ve tried to have any update on the link I gave in my latest post, but it took an awful lot of time before we could have any type of access to that association. Although now the messages have been translated in I believe more than 10 languages, and the artist took part in the help trips and he relates bits and pieces of what he saw and how the organisation went. You can read more here.
There is a Red Cross association in every country and I believe it is still accessible via paypal. If you haven`t made any donations yet, I strongly suggest that you do. Japan and other countries need your help.

On a totally different note.... Here`s an update about my life... well, if you can call that a life lol, a minimum of 77h a week... O_x

April is a hectic month so far, even more than the beginning of the semester. I took part in a charity event at Dawson college, named Artist in Bloom, where artist are invited to paint live for two hours and give their artwork for auction to help fundraising money for different associations. This year`s charity went to the students in need. A good friend of mine was kind enough to take pictures of my work at almost all the steps, so I will be able to show you guyz my artistic process ! :D

It was a huge deal for me to paint this time something as complex, as I usually take at least 10 hours to complete a detailed painting. So yep, from 2 to 10, there is such a huge difference ! O_o

The preparation for the Vernissage is slowly heading in the right way, we are still putting the final touches on our last projects of our degree.

My month of May is already so booked I barely can remember all that I have... so I'll cross my fingers to be able to drop a few lines here and there, and I also want to add up a few creative projects that you can do at home. So if there is anything you would like to know - painting tips, demos, project ideas... feel free to ask ! :D

On this, I have to run back to my paintings - I have 10 watercolors to finish up by this wednesday... T_T

Oh ! I almost forgot, on a more joyful note, I will be attending the Dawson Craft Fair again this year ! It will be on the 28th of April, at Conrads. You`ll be able to get exclusive deals and get a peek at the full Spring Collection ! :D

On this, for real, have a great day everyone !

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