On a snowy day...

Good morning everyone !

Xmas has me running everywhere this year, thanks to the zillion projects I had at school and a hectic schedule at work. I went Xmas shopping yesterday and it was aweful ! People are so stressed out they make you stress out ! O_x

Ah, really, that is why I usually avoid this crazyness ! With all of that, I just barely finished to make my menu for the 24th and I will have to run after my vegies tomorrow, as I have to work in a few hours.

But, but, it was worth it cuz the snowstorm was nowhere to be found and I could safely ship my 50th order ! * Dances in joy *

And here is my little sneek peek, before I forget it :
Yes there will be a New Year sale on the Neckalces starting on the 26th until the 28th. Plus, the Xmas sale reduced items will still be at those amazing prices too ! :D

In any cases lol, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all once again, and to wish you a very Merry Xmas ! :D

Here`s a super cute pic from Romap on Flicker - All rights reserved
It was so cute, I just had to put it here, sorry :P

- I know I am early but, hey, better now then never ! :P -

May you have a magical and festive Christmas Eve ! :D

I'll see you guyz soon, hopefully before New Year. If not, my best wishes for this brad new 2011 ! :D

- Big reindeer hug -

* M *


Oh Deer... It's finally over ! :D

Hi there.... ! X_o

It has litteraly been months since I had a tiny minute for myself and that I could actually write in here... ! Ouf, thank God it's finally over !

This semester had me experiencing a lot of stuff, from happy moments to some more unhappy, but yet, I am still in one piece and I almost wonder how I actually managed to go through all of this...

On a more glorious note, it is finally the Holidays ! :D I'll be, just like all of you, super busy shopping for gift, buying food and baking for the Xmas diner, and buy some food fore the less fortunate, wich I believe we forget too often, decorating, painting.... ! Amen ! The list for my short vacation is 4 feet wide, from laundry to beads shopping, display making, etc... !

Only one more semester to go and yes, it will all be done ! Finally ! I have been in cegep for 6 years already, and that's an aweful lot, I must say, when you are usually in for 2, but, what do you want, I just love art and learning too much ! :D

I have to say that I had the wonderful experience of my very first Craft Fair. It was a really random and happy hazard that made me fall on the info and even though you will say it was at school, it was super well organised and Dawson College is a huge huge cegep, so there was really plenty of people there, no worries ! The fees were super affordable for student and even though I could only make it for one day because of my studies, it was absolutely worth it ! :D

Michelle was super kind and took a picture of my table, so you can see a little bit of what I had in stock, and how tired I was too lol !

It was super cool, I so want to do it again ! :D I might have one other really soon, in Febuary, to also raison funds for the SPCA, but I do not have a confirmation yet. But no worries, you will know for sure ! :D

On this, that will be all for tonight !
Don't forget that the poll section is still open and waiting for your answers ! :D

It is great to be back ! :D

Meanwhile, take care everyone, and I will write again soon ! :D

* M *