On a snowy day...

Good morning everyone !

Xmas has me running everywhere this year, thanks to the zillion projects I had at school and a hectic schedule at work. I went Xmas shopping yesterday and it was aweful ! People are so stressed out they make you stress out ! O_x

Ah, really, that is why I usually avoid this crazyness ! With all of that, I just barely finished to make my menu for the 24th and I will have to run after my vegies tomorrow, as I have to work in a few hours.

But, but, it was worth it cuz the snowstorm was nowhere to be found and I could safely ship my 50th order ! * Dances in joy *

And here is my little sneek peek, before I forget it :
Yes there will be a New Year sale on the Neckalces starting on the 26th until the 28th. Plus, the Xmas sale reduced items will still be at those amazing prices too ! :D

In any cases lol, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all once again, and to wish you a very Merry Xmas ! :D

Here`s a super cute pic from Romap on Flicker - All rights reserved
It was so cute, I just had to put it here, sorry :P

- I know I am early but, hey, better now then never ! :P -

May you have a magical and festive Christmas Eve ! :D

I'll see you guyz soon, hopefully before New Year. If not, my best wishes for this brad new 2011 ! :D

- Big reindeer hug -

* M *

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