Resolutions and hearts ! :D

Happy New Year everyone ! :D

Yes, 2011 is here ! Ouf !

I don't know about you, but the Holidays got me running ! Right now everything is back to normal, so I will be starting school soon.... yep... and my hours at work are more regular... Fiouf ! So right now I am doing a bunch of stuff that was supposed to be done ages ago, but, oh well... You know how it is right ? Stuff always come up and you end up pushing back on some projects and then, first thing you know, it has been months !

So yep, I took my resolutions, what about you ? I send you my best wishes and I hope that this year you - and me - will be able to fufill these resolutions ! :D Hurray for exercise and healthy eating lol ! We'll see how it goes, but last year was pretty hard with the awefully crazy schedule I had at school... X_x Yikes ! I hope 2011 will be a bit smoother !

I want to do so many things in my shop, and well... I had that thought for a while and I really want to make it work for 2011. I want to help out, in a way or another, may it be a social cause or an environmental one, I think that since I am pretty sure now to keep Kirameku open, I should bring it to another level. At first, I had to do all the math - and I still have some more to do... euruh.... - and see if I could afford to keep the door open and all, and I am super happy to say a big YES ! :D

So there you go ! Not only did I open my shop for the sake of making women feeling pretty - cuz pretty is only a state of mind that tags along with happy ! :D - for decent prices and funky creations, but also for the love of beautiful things and art; I wanted to share my passion with all of you. I am super happy about the comments I had these days about my customers that took the time to send me an email to tell me how much they loved my designs and how hard it was to choose only one... !

Ok, but I am getting lost in thoughts here lol. All that is important, but my actual point is : I want to make things change, little by little.
Although Kirameku is slowly but surely growing, I can't do anything super big unfortunately, but I have a couple of ideas in mind that should be launched around Valentine's day, so we'll be able to feel pretty for a cause ! :D

I am such an addict of treating myself with something that has a cause behind it ! I prefer so much to encourage someone or some kind of change so my money will actually be used wisely. So here it is, in sneek peaks and in big lines ! I sure still have a lot of research to do but hey, I am almost there ! :D So if you guyz have any suggestions, I am very open to it ! Please feel free to introduce me to an organization that you have to heart ! :D

On another note... Enough of serious talk ! Let's have some fun ! :D

Here's my first discovery part of 2011 :D

I just fell on that adorable wedding website Style me Pretty while surfing this afternoon, and just the very first acticle had me day dreaming over the pictures ! This is one of the best and cutest idea I have ever seen for a wedding. The pictures are gorgeous and the couple, simply adorable ! I just had to mention it ! :D

Here's the link ! :D

There you go everyone ! :D

Now I have to run to work !

Take care ! :D

* M *

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