I just had to fall in love... with a plush !

Good evening everyone !

Aïe aïe, here I thought that the beginning of the semester would be easy on us... Oh I was so mistaken... ! Anyways, I spare you the details ! It is really a lot of fun and we have great projects, it just that they require extra cares this time...

Anyways, one of our teacher send us on a small one hour trip to check out what was in style in fashion - wich was pretty easy since the school is downtown - since we are designing this great fashion ad ( yayyyyy !!! )... eurhm, eurhm.... so, yep, we randomly entered a couple of shops around Ste-Catherine and we came across this shop

* picture taken by Cederic Sam, from Flickr, all right reserved, found at this website

This place is awe-some ! It has all types of cool clocks, asian inspired products, clothes, jewelry, hand bags, lamps... pretty much anything you can think of ! It is inspired a lot from Asia and they have there various toys and gadgets that are as original as awefully cute and useful ! Who said that useful had to bo boaring ?!

The prices go from any range, allowing you to pamper yourself and put a bit of funky pretty much anywhere, from your office to your living room, or bedroom.

Here is with what I fell in love with....

This super cute little coussin is only 19.99$ ... !
Isn`t that great ?! He is now my new sofa-gate-keeper ! :D

Althought I bought that last blue one, what happens a lot in that shop is that they have a huge variety of items, but they don`t have a lot of them. When I first visited the place, it had just opened, they had cool toys but not so may cool stuff for a house, as what they had that ``wowed``-you was pretty expensive, for a student that is.

So, if you want to find cool, original items, that`s where you go ! They also have a more ``geeky`` items, like a really cool transformer clock. But remember, they don`t have a lot of those items, so grab them before they are gone ! :D

That`s it for today folks ! :D

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I will post more details about it later on, but this week Kirameku will have a necklace giveaway in partnership with Heavenly Savings ! :D

Have a great day guyz !

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