O....M... G... !!

Hi everyone !

I will make this post kind of very very quick because.... my ! I am having so many orders I just can`t stop dancing in joy !

On the 28th, I had the honor of being on the Etsy daily Finds email. The sideeffects ? Lots lots of loves and hearts ! And sales as many as I had never seen them in my shop..... !!! O_O

Wow ! I am so honored to see that you guyz love what I do so much ! Wow, I don`t know what else to say but a huge HUGE thank you ! And lots of hugs ! :D

So, as promised ! I have goodies for you ! :D

I am doing a Flower Paper Earrings giveaway for this week on Krista`s lovely blog !

She was kind enough to write a review on them as she worn them for a whole week ! Result ? She fell in love with it ! :D

Yes, I am telling you, you will fall in love with my items ! And that will just make me super happy to send you unique items that I had so much fun creating ! ;P

On this, once again, thank you !

And simply follow the link for my lovely giveaway ! :D

Have a marvelous day everyone !

* M *


Aie Caramba !

Good day to all !

Yep, it has been a while since I wrote a few lines in here. They last days were all about getting ready to start school, for my last year this time. After that, I am done ! Youhou ! I love learning, but I am tired of going to school, as I have done cegep and university at the same time for the last two years. I think I really need a break.

Ouf, I restarted yesterday and I am already having huge projects to work on. I guess that`s what happens when you`re in your final year ! O_o The projects are really cool, but outch ! So demanding ! X_x

But, but, in the zillion things I had to finish before to start school, the promised Revised Columbine original Watercolor just needs a few touch ups and it`s done ! I am so happy, the result is really nice ! :D

I just can`t wait to list it !

For now, I have 59 items in shop, and I can`t wait to hit the 70, but I need to desperately wait for my beads to come home, as the orders take always so much time to get here... T_T

Oh well, I told you I wanted to hit 80 items by September, I beleive it`s going to be more like 80 in December, because of all the work I am asked to do in school, plus my driving lessons and my part-time job. ( Hum, where do I sleep in all that ? lol ). But, but, I have posted on the 24th 3 new items with one ring that can be only made once ! :D

The sweet Chocolate Azzuro Stardust ring

Oh, I wanted to mention why I always put such huge watermarks on my artworks. Well, as you all know, unfortunately a lot of people have the bad habit of stealing artwork and claiming that it is theirs, even if it`s not, and even if there is a watermark on it. I want to share my work with you, but I want to play safe as much as possible.
I wish I could just put plain pictures on Etsy so we could all be happy, but please bear in mind that I have work quite a bit on those pieces and it would really sadden me to see it snatched by somebody else. All those artwork are originals, except when I mention that there`s a print, obvisouly, and comes with an authentification certificate. Of course there won`t be any watermark when you will recieve the original artwork.

I am very honored to see that you want to see more artwork, and I will do my best to put more up !

As for what goodies I will have for you in the next few days, there will be a giveaway ! :D Yay ! It will be hosted on another faboulous blog, and I will give you all the exclusive details ! Krista and I are just polishing up the last details so we can give you something really awesome ! :D

Also, I have a very good friend of mine that had the marvelous idea of creating a shop with handmade Hijab pins. They are so cool ! So stay posted for Marie`s interview ! Meanwhile, you can take a peek at her shop ! :D

On this everyone, I have to rush to go to school !

See ya all later !

* M *


I am going back... !

Oh my, hi to all !

It has been such crazy weeks since the last time I blogged, fiouf !

All right ! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and voted, it is really going to pay off for you guyz, so if you haven`t done it yet, go to the Vote! page right away ! There`s 3 tiny poll but oh so important ! :P

I went on a mini trip for my tiny vacarion and I was so glad to have the suprise : I had made my 18th and 19th sale while I was away ! :D

It ws a great way to patch up the fact that I had been coughing my lungs out for almost the whole trip. I was so sad and so darn tired I could barely do anything and I felt bad for the one we visited. Anyways, I still had a great time, but i did feel pretty stupid running around for tissues and buying cold medecine at the end of summer... -_-''

I`ll add up the picture later lol, as I am too tired to just fetch the camera, but I tried macarons for the first time, and I was kind of disapointed. We took each of the flavors there was in a french pastry and only one was actually to my taste... on 20.... Yeah, I am picky lol. But I didin`t like their flase sense of crunchyness, as if the sugar from the dough had crystalised while baking, and having it so moist in my mouth after and having my fingers all sticky cuz the macaron squished under one bite... Too much sugar in those, and you could tell. Well, not for me simply I guess.

I`ll stick with my usual classics, such as Profiteroles ! :D

All right, that`s it for today, I can`t even type straight anymore lol.

Btw, I am open to suggestions for the new Fall collection ! :P

See ya guyz soon ! :P

* Maxime *


Funny Cards and Switches

Snif, snurb...

Hi everyone !

Ah gee, I don`t know what happened but I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and I sneeze like 20 times a minute. I thought it was allergies, but turns out that it got worst this morning... Yep, I managed to cathc up the flu in summer..... T_T

I guess that I caught cold when I went to buy my conteact lenses - it was pouring outside and the AC in the store was really hi.... Oh well, I guess I`ll just have to take a lot of tea and sleep all day....

All right, but before I do such a thing, here`s my review on Dandee Etsy shop ! :P

It is a cute, humoristic shop, where you can find light switchplates and funny handmade cards made of a 100% post-consumer paper !

The cards can be customised too !

Add up a bit of vintage to yout room

Or a bit of sexy too, with eco-friendly messages

You can find this cool shop on Etsy or follow the blog or twitter !

On this, have a great day everyone !

* M *


After the rain, sunshine !

Hi there everyone !

Yeah, long time no see ! The last few days I was barely on the Etsy forum and I appologise for my few quick posts and run, but I barely have time to do anything these days­... ! T_T

They pump up my hours at work and I have my driving lessons taht started. Ouf ! Driving is sure harder than I thought ! O_o

I practiced a lot these days and it hopefully got better ! I have my second class coming up soon, so we`ll see how it turns out ! :P

Before I forget it, I want to say a special thanks to all of those who votes in my new poll section. I do not have a lot of entries though, so I can`t really have any concluent data, so pretty please, take just 2 minutes and give me a few clicks on my new vote page ! :P

I also went to put up another artwork at Le Papillon Bleu, a very lovely and delicious Fine Sechuan Cuisine in Downtown of Montreal.

I already have 4 more artwork framed there for sale. My prices are quite for every budget, and the owner is wonderful and kind. It is a great place where I have tasted the best chinese food ever, like his Honey and Garlic Chicken that will make your tummy yearn for more. And yeah, I am picky with food.

Here`s my new Beauty Artwork, a colored pencil work on Bristol paper.

Also, I have joined two Etsy Teams, wich you can see the banner on the side of the Blog. I did not have enough time yet to go into the presentation forums and all, and I`ll have a few days off soon, so maybe there I`ll have time to do it.

Meanwhile, I`ll have to go cleaning and all, but I will be back for a feature on Dandee, wich is one of the member of BEST and I was asked to do a feature on this shop.

So stay posted ! :P

See ya later !

* M *


Lime Green & Turquoise

Hi there !

Wow, gee, it has been such a long time since I haven`t posted on here ! As I have spread the word a bit before I was busy repainting my room, and it is finally done ! You`ll excuse the poor lighting of the pictures, as it has not rained, but showered all day and I am still busy putting everything back on it`s rightful place.

All right ! So let`s see it ! :P

Here are the two dominant colors, in plus of white walls. I`ll put up more pics when the sun is up :

Aren`t those lovely ? Great discovery for less then 10$ ! Yay !

And yes ! Finally I have a librairy ! Please overlook the mess lol

And and, yes I might not be around a lot these days on Etsy lol, but I am working on a sweet watercolor of a Columbine.

Here is the work in progress :

I have tried this time 90 lbs special edition Winsor and Newton watercolor paper, medium grain. I find it is not the best one to work with, even though I am addicted to this compagny - I simply loooooooove all their products ! Mediums, paintbrushes, paint... I just love it, there is nothing else to see lol. I am a W&N junkie O_x ! lol

And, as usual, you can see the gorgeous colors of Holbein watercolors ;P

Hum... beside that, what else... I tried to figure out how TweetMeme work but I think I haven`t totally mastered it yet lol. I want to try recepies and go out but well, work is in the way lol, and the back to school is getting nearer and nearer.... Hurray for those stupid artwork lists that goes like following : Pencil.
Great. And when you ask the poor girl, she doesn`t even know what type of pencil she needs, as the teacher haven`t said it. Love love those.... -_-'''

Oh well, I`ll be getting back to school soon too ! Fious, back to 3h of traveling a day, well... let me tell you that I sleep a lot in the subway in the morning lol ! All right ! I can`t wait to have my young girl with the pearl earring painting back ! I`ll tell you all about it when I`ll be able to get better pictures. For now I have just details so it dosen`t make a lot of sense lol.

All right ! That`s it for today !

Got to go back to cleaning and decoration ! :D

See ya all soon ! :P

* M *