Funny Cards and Switches

Snif, snurb...

Hi everyone !

Ah gee, I don`t know what happened but I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and I sneeze like 20 times a minute. I thought it was allergies, but turns out that it got worst this morning... Yep, I managed to cathc up the flu in summer..... T_T

I guess that I caught cold when I went to buy my conteact lenses - it was pouring outside and the AC in the store was really hi.... Oh well, I guess I`ll just have to take a lot of tea and sleep all day....

All right, but before I do such a thing, here`s my review on Dandee Etsy shop ! :P

It is a cute, humoristic shop, where you can find light switchplates and funny handmade cards made of a 100% post-consumer paper !

The cards can be customised too !

Add up a bit of vintage to yout room

Or a bit of sexy too, with eco-friendly messages

You can find this cool shop on Etsy or follow the blog or twitter !

On this, have a great day everyone !

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