After the rain, sunshine !

Hi there everyone !

Yeah, long time no see ! The last few days I was barely on the Etsy forum and I appologise for my few quick posts and run, but I barely have time to do anything these days­... ! T_T

They pump up my hours at work and I have my driving lessons taht started. Ouf ! Driving is sure harder than I thought ! O_o

I practiced a lot these days and it hopefully got better ! I have my second class coming up soon, so we`ll see how it turns out ! :P

Before I forget it, I want to say a special thanks to all of those who votes in my new poll section. I do not have a lot of entries though, so I can`t really have any concluent data, so pretty please, take just 2 minutes and give me a few clicks on my new vote page ! :P

I also went to put up another artwork at Le Papillon Bleu, a very lovely and delicious Fine Sechuan Cuisine in Downtown of Montreal.

I already have 4 more artwork framed there for sale. My prices are quite for every budget, and the owner is wonderful and kind. It is a great place where I have tasted the best chinese food ever, like his Honey and Garlic Chicken that will make your tummy yearn for more. And yeah, I am picky with food.

Here`s my new Beauty Artwork, a colored pencil work on Bristol paper.

Also, I have joined two Etsy Teams, wich you can see the banner on the side of the Blog. I did not have enough time yet to go into the presentation forums and all, and I`ll have a few days off soon, so maybe there I`ll have time to do it.

Meanwhile, I`ll have to go cleaning and all, but I will be back for a feature on Dandee, wich is one of the member of BEST and I was asked to do a feature on this shop.

So stay posted ! :P

See ya later !

* M *

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