I am going back... !

Oh my, hi to all !

It has been such crazy weeks since the last time I blogged, fiouf !

All right ! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and voted, it is really going to pay off for you guyz, so if you haven`t done it yet, go to the Vote! page right away ! There`s 3 tiny poll but oh so important ! :P

I went on a mini trip for my tiny vacarion and I was so glad to have the suprise : I had made my 18th and 19th sale while I was away ! :D

It ws a great way to patch up the fact that I had been coughing my lungs out for almost the whole trip. I was so sad and so darn tired I could barely do anything and I felt bad for the one we visited. Anyways, I still had a great time, but i did feel pretty stupid running around for tissues and buying cold medecine at the end of summer... -_-''

I`ll add up the picture later lol, as I am too tired to just fetch the camera, but I tried macarons for the first time, and I was kind of disapointed. We took each of the flavors there was in a french pastry and only one was actually to my taste... on 20.... Yeah, I am picky lol. But I didin`t like their flase sense of crunchyness, as if the sugar from the dough had crystalised while baking, and having it so moist in my mouth after and having my fingers all sticky cuz the macaron squished under one bite... Too much sugar in those, and you could tell. Well, not for me simply I guess.

I`ll stick with my usual classics, such as Profiteroles ! :D

All right, that`s it for today, I can`t even type straight anymore lol.

Btw, I am open to suggestions for the new Fall collection ! :P

See ya guyz soon ! :P

* Maxime *

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