February Giveaway & first ever product review!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. In the spirit of Valentine's Day I wanted to share the love of this new boutique I just discovered called Lyli Craft on Etsy. Lily (the owner) is absolutely adorable and she wanted to share her handmade product with all of you dear readers! She is giving away the beautiful purse you are seing on top! (Giveaway link is at the bottom of the article)
But first, I  want to share with you my first ever review of her wonderful boutique.

The wonderful handmade creations for Lyli Craft right out of their enveloppe!
Lyli opened her shop in 2011 in Malaysia. Here is her intro on how she started this adventure :
'' I've grown up with my grandmother in the village and she like to sew during her free time. She sew my clothes, gown, pajama and making soft toys for me when I was a little girl. I always wanted to be like her, very talented and creative. Then I'm going to school and play soft toys with my friends during our free time. They like it and ask me to do it for them. Since then I'm making soft toys and selling it to my close friends.'' 
Her lovely shop specializes and pillows.  Her cute cosmetic purse just grabbed my attention, I couldn't resist their adorable vintage genre and colorful patterns.

The beautiful handmade purses for Lyli Craft!
Her cosmetic purses are simply lovely so very well crafted. I really enjoy their small yet very versatile size and the soft padding added to the clutch. They are big enough to contain all the cosmetics you might need - even that big foundation bottle that never fits in your pharmacy - or even a small pocket camera. The soft padding make it so you don't have to worry that anything breaks, it is well protected for your trip! The purse is small enough to be skidded into your backpack or luggage without taking too much space.

Each purse has a removable wrist strap that makes it easy for you to carry them around. Lyle just went the extra mile in mine and added a lovely name tag inside. I mean, how perfect is it? You can easily see them offered as a personalized gift to your bridesmaids or include the nickname of your BFF or sister for a beautiful custom gift.

Lyli Craft can add a personalized touch to every of her purses.

The sewing is elegant, precise and the zipper flows very smoothly. You can see how much care Lyli puts into each of her creations. I did take longer for me to get her purses because of the distance Canada/Malaysia, but in the end, it was totally worth it...! :)

Follow the link below to get a chance to win this beautiful handmade cosmetic purse from Lyli Craft!

On this you say, I want to have mine as well! Well, you can either enter below for your chance to win the beautiful marine vintage postcard purse (or purchase it here), or visit her boutique here!

You can also follow her on her Instagram or Facebook page!

On this everyone, best of luck! :D
The winner will be announced around the 24th of February.
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Cosmetic Purse Giveaway from Lyli Craft