From Lemon Yellow to Caput Mortem Violet

Finallly !

The inventory is over... ! I counted only patels from 10 o'clock am to 6 pm...

Let me tell you that the colors variations from one compagny to another can be enormus ! And that you learn a loooot of weird color names when you have over 200 colors in stock. But thank God you have that many ! Pastels are sure hard to mix sometimes, so you can have a color palette as wide as you want, from hues to saturations without any problems ! :P

Thank you Sennelier, Holbein and Rembrand for such palettes !

Now my work weeks will be more random, geez, so I hope I will have enough time to reach my goal : have 80 items in my shop !

Countdown : 35 items listed
45 more to go !

On this folks, I go to bed and try to get some sleep, since it is 35 degrees outside, but something more like 40 if you add up the humidity... :S

I am so happy that summer is here ! It is the best time of the year ! :P

On this, good night !

* M *

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