Blooming Passion

Hi everyone ! :P

It is with great honnor that I gladly introduce the very first interview of this blog ! I want you to meet the shop owner of Studio Haus, who is generous, passionate and as sweet as chocolate.

What would you like to tell us about yourself ?

I'm originally from the midwest but recently moved to Pennsylvania and I'm loving it!

When did you discovered your passion for photography ?

I've always loved photos and photography but it wasn't until the summer I was working at a portrait studio that I actually realized that this was something I wanted to do.

Do you have any other passions ?

I do! I love all art, the beach, Paris (I went once and fell in love!), and great friends because they are hard to come by.

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What type of landscape do you prefer ?

I love waterfalls and beach scenes. Anytime I get a chance to visit either I do!

What artist inspire you the most in your art ?

Definitely Ansel Adams ~ http://www.anseladams.com/
His landscape photography is so inspiring and would love to travel to all the beautiful places he did.

Your perfect photography trip ?

Oh gosh, its hard to say just one place but I would really love to go Yellowstone. I think the landscapes there would make for some amazing photos.

One tip you would give to starter photographer ?

I think my best tip would be that clouds are your best light diffuser! I always thought that I needed bright sunlight but found that it causes harsh shadows and washes out details on beautiful flowers and waterfalls. Just before or just after a storm can create some great lighting (and sometimes lightning so be careful!) and lead some awesome shots.

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What type of camera do you use ?

Actually *blush* I use a Kodak point-n-shoot. I'm saving for a Cannon 50D and can't wait to get my hands on one!

What lead you to open your Etsy account ?

I wanted to see if there is anyone out there who likes my photos as much as I do. Etsy was an easy way to either be rejected or justified.

If you could add another product to your store, neverminding the budget, what would it be ?

Oh it would definitely be canvas prints. Those look so amazing and I love how they make a photo look like a painting!

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What do you like the most about having your Etsy shop ?

The community aspect of Etsy is amazing. All the support and tips have really helped me improve my shop from where I started a year ago.

What would be your typical day ?

Well mornings are mostly listing and networking through twitter and facebook. My afternoons are spent exercising, doing chores, and taking care of the mundane things. Evenings I try to spend time with my husband until he goes to bed (really early!). I more of a night person so I stay up late editing photos and this is usually when I list new photos into my shop.

Do you exhibit in galeries, restaurants ? Do you exhibit at craft fairs ?

I have done a few crafts fairs and will be doing a few in the fall. I will be posting on my blog or facebook with the shows and dates.

Where can we contact you ? Do you sell somewhere else ?

I only sell on Etsy and at shows.
Email: mystudiohaus [!at] yahoo.com
Blog: studiohaus.blogspot.com
FB: www.facebook.com/studiohaus
Twitter: www.twitter.com/studiohaus


  1. Maxime, you are so sweet! The feature looks fabulous : ) Thanks so much ~ Adrienne

  2. Your very welcome sweetie ! :P

    Thanks you so much for the first opportunity you gave me ! :P

    The article looks great cuz of your pictures ;P !

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the color...