Bright and sunny, with prevision of mango rain

Hi there !

It was so fun today, I finally got to went to Jean Talon market and now my fridge is full of delicious fruits and vegies ! I couldn`t take all that I wanted, since it started raining so I had to run back to the subway before getting drentch.

But everything is fine, I got my mangos ! :P Yuuuummy !

Just wanted to tell you what is going to be on the menu for the next few weeks. Yup, more items on the way and part-time job, but I will start soon to interview Etsy shop owners and share my wonderful discoveries here ! :P

I fell in love again with GlassMagie`s shop, and I hope to be able to catch her soon to make a feature of her magnificent work here.

For now, I leave you with this terrific video of Ida Corr. I know it is now her most recent work, but this video is lovely ! And has just the hint of James Bond that it needs... ! :P

On this, enjoy !

* M *

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