My, where to start ?

Hi there !

I know it has been a while since I wrote, but I have a good excuse :P !
My sweetheart got an unexpected vacation. So let me tell you that he didin`t had to say it twice that I packed up my things for a well deserved and sweet 5 days off.

It was great, and the best part of it, it was relaxing ! I really needed some time off to get some fresh air !

But I won`t tell you anymore than that lol ! :P After all, a private life needs to stay a bit private though, ne ? :P

So, when I got back, the head full of new ideas... and waiting for my bead supplies to come in.

I am so excited, I won a giveaway from Ahpeele ! This is great ! * Dances in joy ! * I don`t know what to choose ! There is so many gorgeous designs ! From everyday wear to yoga wear, it is all there !

It was hosted at Anna`s sweet blog. Great stufff in there, and giveaways ! Check it out : http://stunningannak.blogspot.com/

I have to get cracking on those items and artwork, I have two days off, I guess I`ll just grab my paint and make some watercolor, unless the heat wave have me melted... O_o My it is hot today !

So hot my idea barely follows one another.... ! O_o

I want to do so many things, but I have so little time ! Oh well, I`ll figure something out ! :P

That`s it for now !

I`ll see you guyz tomorrow, and hopefully my thoughts will be back in order ! :P

Ja ne !

* M *

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