Little update

Hi to all ! :P

Yes, I have been away - again lol - but I have been quite busy updating my shop, preparing my 30 minutes of fame ( YAYYYY ! ), setting up a new thread to help out etsy sellers and strugulling with project wonderful... O_x

So, for my new thread that I started with the sweet Galla15, we just opened it yesterday and my ! We did promotion and all and what a response we got ! I might just have to recruit new hands and open up more spots ! The tricky thing is, I don;t want our thread to come into competition with the other 30 minutes of fame... :S

We`ll see how it goes, but if it wasn`t from Galla`s help, I wouldn`t know wich step to take first ! X_x

And as for project wonderful.... well, the budget if of 5$, and I am not quite sure my shop got the exposure I wished it had. I had putten up a simple add, but now I am going to change it to a little animation. Let`s see how this will do­.

That`s it for now !

I made two new rings and I can`t wait to list them ! :P

And for those who are availible, you are invited to my 30 minutes of fame this Tuesday, at 8h30, East time, at Etsy promotion forum. Stay posted for great and exclusive discounts !

Big hugs to all !

* M *


  1. Best of luck to you! Lets see those NEW rings!!

  2. Thank you Mer ! :P

    Best of luck to you too ! :P