So much to do, such tiny time lap...

Hi there !

Fiouf ! What a crazy week !

Seriously, I didin`t thought that being a moderator would mean so much... ! O_o
I wonder if I`ll be able to keep it up when I`ll go back at shcool ... :S

In any cases, we will see when we will be there and I am pretty sure that I`ll be able to find somebody else to take my spot.

All right ! I have picked up my pen again and I haven`t been able to let it down lol, so stay posted cuz I will put up more artwork soon in my shop ! :P

Yay ! I have a few days off from work so I will probably be out, sneeking at the Fantasia Festival or just meeting up friends ! :P

Now, I have a great discovery for you today !

I happened to have cross this gorgeous paper flower shop that just opened today !
I don`t know about you, but I can barely believe that those are paper flowers ! O_o

Here are a few from The Crimson Poppy !

* All rights reserved to The Crimson Poppy

Oh this amazing discovery, have a nice day everyone ! :P

* M *


  1. Paper?? For reals? Those are incredible!

    I love your rings too! I would love for you to post some of your stuff on my new website http://efreeme.com. It's free to list and sell, so you end up making more money (and check out our $5 giveaway promotion too!)

  2. Hi Diana ! Thank you so much for your offer ! :P And your comment !

    those are really paper flowers, can you imagine ! O_o

  3. Beautiful pictures...and paper flowers??!! Oh my these are gorgeous!