Ah, finally !

Good morning to all !

I had a wonderful day yesterday and plenty of views for my newest item ! I am soooo glad !

The weird thing is, I do not know why this title kept sticking on my newest artwork : Poison Ivy... I know it is a Batman`s character and all, but they are totally unlrelated ! Maybe it is because of the colors that I used reminded me a bit of the Poison ad from Dior... I don`t know... O_o

Anyways, I have to put it here, I just love it too much ! :P I almost kept it to myself lol !

Here is my Original Artwork Poison Ivy

This artwork was inspired by the fashion ads that I saw and by my obsession with make up. I tried a new paper for this artwork, and it is all made out from minerals, there is no trees involved in this paper. I do not know though if this is a better paper for the environnement... I`ll hope it is !

I worked a lot on my shop these past few days, taking other pictures, putting up more items, and I finally changed my avatar and now my banner ! I am so happy it turned out so good !

My brad new banner at my Etsy shop !

Now, I wanted to share with you that I will be having a few giveaways hosted in different blogs soon, as well as a review of my famous flower paper earrings. I`ll give you more news when the projects will be up ! :P

Also, here are my objectives for my very first year on Etsy. I opened up last September, and here are my goals :

* 250 shop hearts
* 24 sales
* 50 blog followers
* 200 twitter followers
* 80 items in my shop

Thank you so much everyone for your support ! I am now at 233 shop hearts, 16 sales, 41 blog followers, 127 twitter followers and 55 items in stock !

Thank you ! * big hugs *

Please don`t hesitate to stop by and tell me what you want to see in store or if you prefered my first banner ! Your comments are always welcomed !

On this, have a gorgeous sunny day everyone !

* M *

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