My, what a day !

Oh my.... !

I am exhausted !

I had such a busy day ! I was working hard on trying to catch up that famous 30 minutes of fame, and YAY ! I did it !

I kicked my butt and finally opened up mu Project Wonderful account and try to figure it out. I`ll tell you more about it tomorrow. I have tried to get through my 4feet long to do list with, I must say, a fair success.

For tonight, I am half asleep already, so let me just introduce you to my new Swarovski earrings ! :P

I did scrape my fingers a lot to make those, because the chandelier is quite time consuming and very delicate, but it was definitely worth it !

My pieces are stunning and I am so proud of them ! :P

You already know my Bermuda Blue Heart ;D

Here is it`s Light Olivine Variation ...

And finally, my gorgeous Sunset Chandelier Swarovski Earrings !

Want to see more ?

Take a peek at my Etsy Shop ! I am now having a sale until July 24th !

Thanks for reading my double post today ! :P

Good night !

* M *

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