Fiouf ! X_x

Hi there everyone !

Oh my ! I am soooo having a hard time these days to keep everything up !

We are repainting my room, so forget it ! I have to wash the walls, pick up the paint, prime the walls, go to work and all ! Fiouf ! Let me tell you that my days are really full ! I have barely the time to do a bit of promotion for my Etsy shop ! T_T

Well, I have a bit of new items up already and oviously more on their way !

Here is one of my newest !

Mint Berry Ring - Limited Edition

Also, I had the honor of being fetured on The Handmade Gift Guide Blog ! I am so happy ! I had a wonderful review and a lot of fun makin it ! Hidden in the article is a code giving you a special discount for Kirameku !

Click here for the lovely article !

Also, I told you that I would give you a review about Project Wonderful. Well, here it is ! :P

Started : 7 July 2010
Ended : 27 July 2010
Budget : 5$
Total clicks : 40
Bids : 24
Ad used : First a still image, then an animation

Comments : At first I struggled a lot with PW and only got a few ads, and I wanted to have the cheaper as possible and all, but finally I decided that some might be worth it. I am very happy of the service, cuz I had issues with my animation - gee I worked for that ad ! - but I had answers from the PW staff in about a day and they were very kind and helping. Although it wasn`t in my budget, I am very glad that I took the time to put those ads up and to spend that money. For now I will put another 5$ in the bank and keep you updated ! :P

That is pretty much it for today !

On this, I`ll have to go to bed, I am working early tomorrow... X_x

See ya soon !

* M *

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