Weekend project 2

Hi everyone!

I hope you had all a marvelous week and enjoyed the Spring 2015 at Kirameku post! As you have read, it has been quite busy few days and after a long awaited Berry Necklace photoshoot, I decided last weekend to take two days off and retreat to a beautiful chalet in Magog to enjoy a few hours of peace and painting.

Why watercolours at this time of year and no more Berries? It's quite simple : the craft shows submissions for 2015 are slowly starting to fill my inbox. I have enough new Berry jewelry to show for these events and simply not enough new illustrations. So I packed my watercolors and my various inks in my luggage and hop, here I went.

No worries, I still have many new ideas for Kirameku's craft shows in 2015; but as our moving day is getting nearer every week, I thought it best to finish the projects I had already started before launching some new R&D.

But, wait a minute you might say; you spoke of another watercolour project a few posts ago, how did this one turned out? Well, my previous watercolor idea of fiery anemones bouquet was a total flop...! Despite all my efforts, the paper I had in stock could not carry the effects I had in mind. I have already mentioned the amazing Fabriano watercolor blocs on a previous post and as I resisted the temptation of buying a new bloc, I realized soon enough that my 90lbs cold press Winsor & Newton paper was not up to this anemone task.

Kirameku's latest illustration in progress, a mix of inks and watercolours.

On this, I decided to try a different approach and paint orchids with a mix of ink and watercolora. I painted for most of Saturday afternoon, also you can see the the sun slowly coming down on my artwork on the pictures. As the sun left to rest, so did my paintbrushes. The biggest part of this mixed media artwork was done in the space of a few hours and I'm counting on this Easter Holiday to be able to add the finishing touches to it! :) 

On this everyone I hope you have a great long weekend and I'll be back soon with some more updates and necklaces! :) Happy Easter to all! :)

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