Weekend project no2 update

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful long Easter weekend. I was blessed with a four day vacation so I finished my latest watercolor for the upcoming craft shows.

Here is as promised the evolution of the artwork as well as the final product. I used some Opera Pink as the dominant color as well as a deep black India Ink to make the shades of pink pop out more. I really like the flow in the black ink, and I hope that you like the final results as well! :) A 90lbs paper was just enough to contain the amount of water required for this piece. I enjoyed creating a more fluid subject and adding a few precise touches to define the flower. How about you? What do you love about this watercolor? 

I also jumped on my camera last weekend and took out my Swarovki earring out for a photoshoot. We had real bad weather since the beginning of April, but this week, the sun is up and bright and it is such a pleasure! I'm hoping to create some more earring and take advantage of the beautiful days strike that we seem to be having. You will find some bright sunny yellow, feminine dark blues and vivid pink oranges crystals added to the new collection.

I haven't been quite as active in the past few days as I took two days to celebrate my birthday with my friends and my family.
No worries though, I still have 2 more new Berry necklaces in beautiful shades of green to be listed. And I will be back with another watercolor post as I'm missing one more new artwork to submit to the fairs.

I hope you are looking forward to the next artwork post! :)
On this everyone, have a wonderful day!

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