Puces Pop 2015 - Belated review and Coups de Coeurs

Hi everyone,

my apologies, I was supposed to write this article a couple of days ago.... Let's just say that things in my life have taken quite an unexpected turn. Let's cross our fingers and hope it will be for the best.

In any cases, I hope you all had the chance to visit the Megapuces from Puces Pop this year! They went all in and filled 14 000 square foot of pure creativity with around 140 amazing artisans. 

When I stopped by on Friday night it was crazy full of customers so I didint had the chance to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but never the less, here are my top 3 booths for this year - it was so hard to choose...! 
I have to say, so far it has been the best craft show I ever went to as a customer. I was very impressed by all the talented artisans, creativity in presenting their creations and could barely pass by 4 tables without saying ''wow'' and taking business cards. I can guarantee, it will be a handmade Holiday this year, hurray! 

Despite the unusual hot temperatures outside and the heat inside the building, the lovely Stephanie of Miyuki Crochet was busy selling her lovely crocheted creations at her adorable booth. ''Even with this temperature, she said, people are buying in prevision of the cold days ahead, so I have been quite busy!'' Hurray for her cute and colorful crochet creations, bonus points for the lovely presentations and pictures of her items on the models, but my heart really went to those adorable and everlasting crochet cactus...! You can find her lovely items on her website or Etsy shop!

I also met the fantastic Aaron and Rachel from BLISSCRAFT & BRAZEN. I was seduced by the marvellous wood grains and colors in their creations. What was not my surprise when I got home and discovered that I had finally met the creators of that bath caddy that has been forever on my wishlist! Aaron was very patient while I choose between the beautiful salad servers and explained a bit more about their process. I really enjoy that they use a lot of recycled materials and make magic happen out it! You can find their gorgeous creations on their website or on their Etsy shop.

I also recommend that you check out the elegant and funky Groom shop who specializes in men's beauty products. Their masculine and retro packaging turns their products into great gifts, especially with the Holidays and many men's birthdays coming up! I love their folding comb - that is always useful - and their trial kit. You can visit their own website or Etsy shop right here!

All these amazing artisans will be busy with many craft shows this year, I suggest you follow them on their social medias and take a few minutes to check out their lovely creations. It is really amazing to speak to them in person and hear their passion about their products. 

On this everyone, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus day in the US!
See you all soon :)
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