My new promotion : Friday Flash Sales!

Well, how about I spoil you a little? :)

I had the opportunity a few days ago to listen to the wonderful Mei Pak conferences at Creative Live and her seminars gave me plenty of ideas for Kirameku.

It is with a head full that I crafted my latest promotion; the Friday Flash Sale. I figured that a rebate is always welcomed, especially during the Holidays with all the gifts and extra foods that are on our shopping list. So, every Fridays until the 27th of November, there will be a Flash Sale on my Facebook page.

The concept is fairly simple.
I'm currently adding new items at Kirameku's Etsy shop, like special gift sets and necklaces for the Holidays. I'll be releasing my best pieces on those special events and will put them at a special price so you can pre-order them. 

Here is the Flash sale of last Friday. Get this wonderful set here!

During those limited editions sales on Facebook page, you simply have to comment ''sold'' to get the deal of that day. I will send you a private message requesting your email address for the Paypal invoice and voila! 
The sales will run from 7ham till midnight, EST.

Wish to get exclusive sneak peeks?  Simply join my mailing list here!
The infos will be sent on Thursday night. 

So, are you ready? My next Flash Sale is on for Friday 30th!
See you all there :)
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