Good Shepherd Craft Show & November Blues

Well hello there!

I hope you all had a marvellous week! I took a bit of time off the blog to get the last things ready for the Good Shepherd Craft show last Saturday and filling up this week on the sold goodies.

I had a wonderful time at the fair and I hope I had the chance to meet many of you! It was a special fair for me as I usually have bigger tables, and I must say 6 feet long is a bit tiny for all that I have to offer, but I believe I made the most out of it. All of you who stopped by really enjoyed my display and I'm so happy about it!

For those of you who were a bit too far to get to the fair, no worries, here's a picture of my Holiday booth...! You can also meet me at my next show at Marie-Victorin's CEGEP on November 18th. And this one will be epic, it will be the biggest table I I've booked so far - I'm so excited! - 12 feet of pure goodies, it's going to be great!

But what if you are not in Canada? No worries, you can take part in my Flash Friday Sales till the end of November and enjoy my Holiday Specials there too.

Kirameku's booth at the Good Shepherd Craft show
But despite all of this exciting news, I have a little confession to make and apologize to you dear readers. I was very excited this summer and worked on a dear project of mine, I don't know if you remember the Bridal bouquet accessory? It was supposed to be listed in late-summer, but I wasn't able to do so.

The project turned out beautifully and I'm really proud of it, but it is a very time consuming project and I ran into some supplies problems (the beads are back-order at my supplier). I'm sorry to say I have to push back this lovely item for 2016.  I'm really looking forward on a making some pieces for your wedding that you can keep with you forever. But it is as important to me to make sure that you get your orders in as soon as possible, and between managing my Etsy shop, all the custom orders I had and fairs this year; topped with us moving out and settling in, there wasn't enough time for me to do that. So I prefer to push it back till next year and focus on bridesmaids gift sets first.

But, I don't have only bad news for you today. It may be Friday 13, but let's not be superstitious. So, on a more joyful note, I hope you are slowly getting in the mood for the Holidays. Here we don't have snow just yet, which is kind of odd, but I will post winter landscapes here as soon as we will have snow in Longueuil. Never the less, I'll be putting together a Handmade Gift Guide so I can share with you all my favorite items from Etsy sellers and inspire you! I discovered many great products this year and I want to share them with you. I'll be having 10 wonderful shops featured, so please stay tuned! :D

On this everyone, have a wonderful day and happy Friday 13th!
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